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    Quote Originally Posted by The Archangel View Post
    Kishimoto knows but the one talking is Minato

    He wouldn't have any idea just how powerful the second's time jutsu was but even if it did it could be attributed to years of training or his newfound Sharingan
    -_- really?
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    let say I agree with you but what is the second Hokage motivation to destroy Konoha the very place him and his big brother fought to protect! why will be want to release the fox on his own village ??? He had the will of fire, soo what happen to his will of fire ??

    Madara had his motivation and we all know it all too well soo what will be Tobirama motivation ???

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    Sasuke had the will of fire too didn't he? Well now he's using it to burn samurais and shit

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    Of course Tobi/Madara knew the technique. He fought against the clan for years.

    Kakashi is proficient in lightning attacks, but we know he's not from kumo. Just because 2nd is good at water jutsu doesn't give him any link to the mizukage. Besides that, Madara was never mizukage, the jinchuuriki was. I doubt any village would let an outsider ever be a kage.

    And I'm pretty sure Kabuto knew all of Oro's secrets. Why couldn't he just summoned the 2nd in front of Madara just like Oro did in his fight against 3rd?

    Heck, why didn't he just take out the Kyuubi earlier when he was hokage? No one would've been able to stop him.

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    This was obviously a fuckin Troll thread. I'm surprised how many of you are taking it seriously. And then the OP complains about the manga but only has shown a complete lack of understanding of the manga thus far.

    And wow @ HB, the troll king getting himself pulled into it as well, you should've seen it from the beginning.

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    seriously, wth is trolling? o.0
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    making fun of your assface. xD lol this theory is so...

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    The fuck is wrong with this thread?
    It's like...arguing between The Arch and atriede, arguing and trollin between Hand Banana and atriede (Which really, it's really some low level trolling. I'm disappointed in you HB) And then there's bromance between HB and Aga Bomba.

    Weird thread.
    Also, atriede is fucking circles around both Arch and HB in the arguing. I enjoyed reading his posts.

    Oh and also, since members here seem to have dictionaries up their assholes

    inb4 "d00d run spell check and check grammar"

    EDIT: In bold, inspired by atriede. Really bro, that shit is annoying.

    ~On topic bcos Arch then acts as if she has sand in her vag. Dude, your theory made me laugh. It was a nice read actually, I'll give you that. But oh my god, you sure suck at it. Quit it, simple. Take it from me, I don't even touch theories because, well, see all this? Yeah, congrats
    But yeah, man you didn't cover shit, even when you said "I added more shit". Nigga better stop lyin'.

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    if you think this is troll thread, then why post...if you think that we don't understand the manga, then why just say that and not show the parts of not understanding...

    nobody gives a damn about the grammar....this is just for fun, not for people with sticks up their asses...not that I hate when someone tells me that I don't know something, but come on, loosen up

    if this is a troll thread, then mods, destroy it
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