ok guys I have a crazy theory about what is going to go down in the fulture with Moria, maybe coming back in the picture. I don't have proof for any of this it is just some theory I came up with at work. So here it is

Moria will go to the place where Ace and WB are buried and steal there bodys and then look for strong shadows to put into them. Luffy will somehow learn of this and go looking for moria so he can kick his a** for dare stealing Ace's body. Moria will again steel Luffy's and Zoro's shadows and maybe some other strawhats too. He will place Luffy's into Ace's for the reason of angrying Luffy and for being his bother, and then Zoro's in WB's body. Luffy will find his Shadow in Ace and begin to fight him, while the other SH's fight WB and moria, and possible some other Zombies/Crew members. Ace's body will maybe still have the ablity of the DF and since I bet Luffy and Ace have similer fighting styles it will seem like Luffy is actually fighing Ace himself. After a long fight Luffy finially wins thinking to himself that he surpassed Ace for how strong he was before he died. But mean while the other's are having a hard time winning there fight agaist WB and Moria. Luffy shows up but he is still tired from his fight and it still seems things are going bad when the remants of the WB pirates come and take down WB and are about to take care of Moria for dare disgraceing there captain's and commander's bodys but the SH's convince them to let them finish it cause with WB's body out of the fight things look better for them. They finally win and then Ace's old crew, Spade Pirates, introduce themselves to Luffy wanting to meet him and then the first mate hearing that Ace's finale words was that Luffy will become PK asks if he can join the crew so he can make his Captain's last wish come true and Luffy happily accepts and the rest of the crew asks to join too but Luffy turns them down saying he wants his own crew, not Ace's which they repect. Then MAYBE luffy is shown how to take the fruit from Ace's body and he offeres it to anyone of his crew but they turn it down so he offers it to Ace's old first mate who accepts it and they set sail with a new crew mate and heading to find OP.

That is my Crazy, LONG theory, so what do u think of it