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    Quote Originally Posted by Rokudaime Sennin ™ View Post
    Oh I know she was the one in full control of the chains, but it's still possible that she could be controlling Naruto's dormant power of chakra chains and it might stay dormant within his blood, and physical energies of Rikudou.

    Good point on the bold part, what Itachi did was a tensha fuuin, sealing jutsu, and Kushina's chakra was already part of the hakke fuuin.

    Actually all your points are valid, maybe only Kushina and mito had that ability, and Naruto doesn't. it would be akin to hashirama having mokuton, and Tobirama and Tsunade without. you know what, I concede that point, I don't know what I was thinking. But I would like to make one point clear, that the chakra chains aren't just only specific to Kushina. They are derived from the yang energies she possesses, that all uzumakis and senjus possess. However not all uzumakis/senjus/descendants of younger son possess those traits, only the ones with the strongest chakras.

    It is still within the realm of possibility if Naruto were to start using em, his chakra did react to mokuton, I wouldn't be surprised if he can do chakra chains as well.

    And it still wouldn't break the theme of hard work if it was a dormant ability that he gained only after he earned his kyubi powerup. And most likely it's use will be irrelevant in battle, but mainly for the bijuus, meaning the jyubi. That's all I'm saying.
    Even if Naruto can't perfectly seal the Kyuubi like Kushina, or perfectly control it like Hashirama, he's the first Uzumaki/Senju to master it's power, and the first Jinchuuriki (since Rikudou, I'd wager) to fully separate the chakra from the body and truly make it his own. He's a very different sort of Jinchuuriki than Killerbee, even if they used the same method to fight their beast... the nature of the seal, coupled with the dormant energies of the Rikudou within Naruto, make all the difference.

    In essence, he's got the valor of the Senju clan and the fortitude of the Uzumaki clan, and together he surpasses what either could do, becoming a true heir to the Younger Son and a perfect Jinchuuriki like the Rikudou.

    Honestly, my opinion on Kushina's chains is that they're a manifestation of her full control of the Seal that binds the Kyuubi to her, and thus tied more to the seal than to her own bloodline. Remember, she learned the Uzumaki clan's Sealing Jutsu, their most coveted and feared power, and even taught them to Minato.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rokudaime Sennin ™ View Post
    .No Kushina's ability wasn't hers alone.

    Those chakra chains are coming out of Naruto's body, if they were her ability alone, they would come out of the ground or her body. Naruto and Kushina were both uzumakis with strong chakras, they both have the same physical energies of Rikudou, same goes for hashirama, senjus. Uzumaki and Senju are mere words/names for different split lineages of the younger brother, they're all one and the same, they all carry the same physical energies, it's just that they manifest in different ways, different traits.

    Um no we are in Naruto's mind at the time and he has Kushina's power inside of him that Minato planted there to help for this very purpose. Read the next page here ....

    She clearly states the chains she created wont last much longer.

    Fire type

    What chakra type are you?

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    how many chakra bodies does these beasts have man.
    first the jyuubi's body was seperated with is chakra.
    the chakra was then splitted into nine portions

    these splitted chakras becomes self aware and created their own bodies?
    friggin wierd. i hope kishi can explain this.

    beware...this chakra naruto splits can become self aware and make its own body one day and we will see a day where chibi kyuubis will be running amok

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