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Thread: Inazuma Jutsu

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    Inazuma Jutsu

    Sorry my bad... I mean Izanami Jutso

    This is my theory what are the powers of Izanami if it was made into a jutso and its possible implications to the plot of Naruto.

    I found this information from Wikipedia. It's about Izanami. She is the spouse of Izanagi.

    Izanami in the Kojiki
    "The Kojiki show some references about Izanami's life, although there's little information and the scriptures aren't quite so specific either. It is believed that Izanami transferred her soul inside an animal and a human before her death, although it's unknown whether Izanami had incarnations or not."

    If you want to read the complete article then you can click this link.

    If Izanagi is a jutso, then chances are, there is also a jutso called Izanami. With the information posted above as basis, and if Izanami jutso was to exist, then it must be some sort of a soul transfer technique. If Tobi was Izuna, then he could have moved his soul into Madara's dead body. Thus the soul in the coffin was indeed Madara's.

    But if Tobi was Madara, then he could have moved a part of his soul into another body for him to survive. The fox is composed of Mind and chakra, ying/yang, and this might also be true to all sentients being in Naruto. Now a possible limit of Izanami Jutso was it could only transfer the mind part of the soul and not the chakra. So Tobi has the mind part of the Madara's soul, and the body in the mystery coffin has the chakra part of Madara's soul. As what Itachi said... "Madara is just a pathetic shell of his former self." Is there any part in the manga where Tobi used a hand seal? That part which he wanted Nagato to bring back was the chakra part. Yes, the resurrection jutso of Nagato has a time limit. If someone has died for a long time, he can no longer bring back the soul. But Tobi with the mind part still existing but the chakra part all gone is like in a limbo, not exactly dead nor exactly alive or he could be both dead and alive... whatever. So Nagato's resurrection Jutso might still be applicable. Simply kill Tobi, and then use Nagato's resurrection jutso right away, bringing back not only the mind but also the chakra.

    If this information leaks, Tobi will lose his big advantage in the psychological warfare.

    If Tobi is Madara, the he surely knows how powerful someone could be if that person could control his own body. I think there are only 3 shinobis he doesn't want to seriously pick a fight with; Nagato, the First Hokage, and lastly... his own self. Thus the reason how come he seems to be scared.

    Feel free to share your own theory ragarding Inazuma.
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    Could happen I guess, Tobi's identity is in question so why not.

    Also you should check Naruto and Sasuke parallel to gods thread, it also talks about Izanami too worth a read.

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