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Thread: Tsunade!?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    You do understand that Mito and Kushina are both of the Uzamaki clan which means they are related some what distantly. So yes Tsunade and Naruto are related distantly just as all Senju and Uzamaki's where from the start.

    They are both descendants of the younger brother of the Rikudou Sage.

    Wait why is this thread still here?
    Because it highlights the rampent incest of the Narutoverse? or ummmm... argh i got nothing, close it
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    oh its still alive eh? haha! mods maybe are busy or just extending the life of this thread..
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    Quote Originally Posted by psukkar View Post
    There only can be a relation if Kushina and Mito were related.

    But kushina didn't say anything like that with regards to Mito.

    Kushina's time in the Manga has come to end so she isn't related for her to say anything different in the future.
    What!!! Naruto was created by semi incest??? No!!!!

    Why is this thread not deleted...

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