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    Quote Originally Posted by Aga bomBa View Post
    @ Artifice

    - hmm, I'll respond later on, because I only agree with 3/4 of your post.. but I just wanted to say; why do you keep saying: 6 tomoe Rinnegan? It's 9 tomoe Rinnegan..
    My bad, that was just an oversight on my part, I knew it was 9, I guess the whole 6 paths thing was on my mind and threw me off. I will go back and correct it.

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    I don't know why you guys see the need to derail good theories...

    This is pretty far-sighted and well constructed, dare I say Genius?

    You guys are just too close minded and dependent on proving yourself right to see it. Maybe if you guys actually read Naruto critically you'd understand the true intelligence behind this theory, but until then, please refrain from posting about things you cannot really understand.
    Dickriding. Because I appreciate it!


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    and what do you think about it?

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