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    excellent example
    Ona sanja da sam oprao ruke,
    Da sam obrijan, da sam lep.
    Toplo je na jastuku,
    u polusnu.

    Mirise na dorucak.
    Prijatan glas iz druge sobe se javlja,
    Kaze da je pocelo.
    Kaze da je pocelo.

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    So the true power of the sharingan Madara was so damn obsessed about is the Rinnegan. The full powers granted to Rikudou Sennin, one who wields both the powerful physical and spiritual energies. This chapter revealed so much, that it needs alot of proper explanation. And would you look at that, this thread is the perfect place to do so, LOL. Did I not hit the thread title right on the mark?

    Quote Originally Posted by Raf View Post
    So if Kishi plays the story like the RS wants, Naruto will get the tool of god soon...
    I don't know if it's Kishi doing what I want, but one has to truly understand the depth of the story before they can appreciate this mangaka's vision.

    Anyways, here's some thoughts on hardwork/destiny, that I wanted to share, (originally posted yesterday for a "Neji being right" thread on NF) mainly for dragonfang.

    I'll admit, the true relationship of destiny and hard work is a tricky philosophical concept, thus it is hard for some to visualize and understand fully. This is just my own understanding of it.

    Hiashi's younger brother was absolved from his destiny, to be forced to protect the elder brother, in the end he made his own destiny. He chose what he wanted to do with his life. He chose to protect the head of his clan and elder brother not because he was being forced to, but because he wanted to. He died the way of a true shinobi, protecting those that are important to them. Same goes for Neji, he isn't bound to his subservient destiny either, he's been absolved of his responsibilities to his cousin. He is choosing to live the life the way he wants to, thus defying destiny, and writing his own fate.

    Hizagi ended up changing his fate while still doing what he was fated to. Instead of making things too complicated, I'll try to say it in a simple way. Hizagi was destined to two things, to be subservient, and to also protect his brother. He did end up protecting his brother, he lived up to one part of his fate, however he changed the first part that was more important to him, how he got there. He stopped being subservient, thus he ended up altering his destiny. However he still died protecting his brother, thus he fulfilled his destiny. But just because the end result of his choice was the same as what would've been, doesn't change the fact that it could've been different had he chosen to. He was given a choice, and that's all he wanted. He wanted to choose whether to protect his older brother, rather than being forced to. He was freed from that curse. He still chose to protect him, cause that's what his own heart desired most. He was no longer under an obligation to protect him, and had he chosen otherwise, he would've changed his destiny, thus Neji was wrong. Fate is changeable, it is ever evolving, depending on the choices one makes, a new fate/destiny is written for them. Sasuke was fated to be the destroyer, to be consumed by darkness, however it was still Sasuke's choice that got him there. He chose that path of vengeance, cause that's what his heart desires most, he will not gain any happiness or satisfaction before then. He could've chosen otherwise much like obito, however he has no1 left to protect as his family has been killed, his brother died protecting him, and he has severed his bonds with Naruto and konoha. A shinobi is at their finest hour when they have some1 to protect. Sasuke is being tormented by the pain, which is leading to hatred in his heart.

    Now is that Sasuke's fault, that he is fulfilling his destiny? It is mostly however there's other factors involved as well, much like the choices made by his brother who chose to kill off the ones he loved and then force hatred upon Sasuke, in order to fulfill his own gamble which could've gone 50/50 either way. However the final choice was still made by Sasuke. He chose that dark path, not because he was fated to, it is because he wants it the most. His choice otherwise would've created a new fate for him, meaning the cycle of hate would've been broken, however he wasn't strong enough to choose otherwise cause he failed to see the light, he failed to see any more happiness in his life, only sorrow, guilt, pain, torment, feelings of justified vengeance. There's two great forces at play when deciding the fate of some1, one they can control, the other they can't.. One is the external events and their consequences for the one who's fated is being decided, meaning the choices of others and how they impact his life, the other more important one is their own choice, what they decide to do that will finally set things in motion. Sasuke was given a choice to turn the other way, multiple times, each time he has chosen the path to darkness. Sasuke's destiny is written as being the darkness, however it is because he chose it for himself, Itachi's actions and Tobi's actions have both impacted his decision to make that choice, but that choice is his alone. He sealed his own fate by making that choice. However his fate can still be unsealed by what choice Naruto makes, and that's what makes this whole thing so damn intriguing. We know Sasuke will be redeemed, but how he will be redeemed is up to what Naruto and Sasuke decide to do at that juncture, when they finally meet for their EPIC clash. This is the reason why I hope for Sasuke as final villain, because Naruto being forced to choose between a friend he really wants to save, and protecting his village and friends whom he loves so much, will make for a very powerfully emotional moment. Naruto's choice will not only determine Sasuke's fate, but his own destiny as well. Naruto will write both of their fates depending on what decision he makes.

    Fate is still a destination, one makes their own journey to get to that destination. One is still very much capable of changing their destination, meaning their fate, or destiny, depending on the path they walk. Just cause one is fated to arrive at a certain destination, doesn't mean that the path they walked will be easy. It is quite the opposite, the most difficult path lay ahead for Naruto, he has had to struggle at each bend of the road. He can still fail his destiny if he fails himself, or diverges off that path, as he had realized that he wasn't that much different than Sasuke and could've chosen a similar path as him. Naruto is getting there because of his own perseverance and hard work. Everything he has gotten, he has suffered for and worked very hard for.

    Naruto isn't aware of his own destiny, he always perceived his destiny to be a loser, thus from his perspective he wanted to change that and become a hokage to not be a loser. He has worked tirelessly towards that goal, never faltering. The challenges he's faced made it even tougher for him to get to that goal. Even if Naruto was aware of his righteous destiny, it still wouldn't matter, he wouldn't change, he'll still be the same old Naruto always sacrificing himself for others, always willing to protect his friends and village, because he is a kind, noblehearted person. That is not because of the fact that he was destined to be one, but because of the choices he's made while he struggled through suffering and pain.

    Now as a reader, soon as Naruto had announced his goal to become hokage early on, and when he showed his nindo, and proved that he had what it took to persevere, we should've realized that he was destined for greatness. So doesn't this mean, that we prophesized his greatness? We still didn't know the amount of challenges he'll face along the way, what struggles he'll overcome, what pain he'll bear, what choices he makes that impacts his journey towards that greatness. The greatness is just the destination, the journey is the choices made by Naruto to get to that destination. Naruto chooses to work hard to get to that greatness. Only thing that Ogama Sennin prophesized through his broken visions was that Naruto is capable of much more greatness than just being the Rokudaime hokage. Naruto is destined to bring salvation to the world, true peace. So just because he is fully capable of reaching that higher level of greatness doesn't make things any easier for him, quite the opposite, to get to that higher level, he needs to work even harder than what he would've had to do to just be the sixth hokage.

    Being the son of 4th hokage actually made things far more difficult for him than easy. Fate was toying with him, it gave him the hardest challenge to accomplish, the hardest path to walk, instead of making things easy. He never really had Minato's genius to begin with, his personality is more like Kushina. However, because revealing that Naruto is Minato's son would've put his life in danger, Naruto never truly knew the love of a family. Not even knowing who his parents are, how much pain that caused him over the years when he saw other kids always with their parents and he didn't even know who his were. Naruto didn't even get the respect and honor that would've come with every1 knowing that he was the 4th hokage's son, instead he was ostracized as the demon child always. Had he not been the 4th hokage's son, he atleast would've known more about his parents and their sacrifice for him, and if the villagers knew that as well, they atleast wouldn't have demonized him, even if they didn't respect him. So being Minato's son, made things far more difficult for Naruto to walk that path towards greatness, as he has had to suffer terribly more while carrying a huge burden, yet he always has endured and always done the right thing, because that's just the kind of person who he is, a good person.

    Naruto's always believed that he was destined to be a loser. Thus he worked hard at changing that fate. Unbeknownst to him, he was actually destined to greatness. That doesn't detract anything from the hard work he put into his own life. The level of greatness is decided solely on Naruto's perseverance, endurance, hard work, and choices.

    The kyubi power wasn't easy to attain, it made his life miserable, and he had to earn it before he could use it. Granted he had help from Kushina, however if she had been around to fill the vessel which is Naruto with love, he would've been far more resistant to kyubi's hate to begin with. So it's a double edged sword.
    And it seems I've unlocked the rest of the mysteries of the manga. Enjoy.

    ok, well, one thing is for certain that the hyugas/byakugan will also have a connection with Rikudou, along with the spiritual weapons, including the yasakani no magatama. And I believe the first senjutsu wielder was the younger son, who taught it to the toads, and gave them a prophecy about his father's rebirth, meaning Rikudou's rebirth as Nagato. (now remember, nagato was an uzumaki, and he could've received the spiritual energies from madara as a baby, meaning madara gave him his own uchiha energies, then proceeded to create the circumstances to awaken the rinnegan), however since the samsara cycle of the rinnegan wielder is controlled by the "true god", he could've set up things up as fated to be, that Nagato indeed is the reincarnation of Rikudou. That means they share the same soul, well that'll actually depend on the contents of the 6th coffin.

    And since Rikudou = Nagato, Elder = Sasuke, younger = Naruto, it's only fitting that it was the younger son who possessed the ability to harness natural energy and gave the prophecy/senjutsu to his toad summons in order to lay the groundwork for the next incarnation of Rikudou to be born, meaning Nagato was the one who was supposed to learn senjutsu as well.

    Anyways, as for the hyuga connection. The hyugas are the oldest living clan in konoha, possible the entire shinobi world. This predates them to the descendants of the younger/elder brother, senjus/uzumakis, uchihas. The byakugan also has the greatest insight when it comes to chakra, that insight is greatly needed when it comes to yin/yang chakra releases, yohton, yinton, onmyoton. Also the theory would be that rikudou was an onmyoshi monk, you already know the taoist connections to the onmyoshi, if you read that one theory, i'll try to find you it.

    The 3 doujutsus are based on the 3 religions, rinnegan on buddhism, sharingan on shintoism, byakugan on taoism. Put the 2 and 2 together, you'll realize that the rinnegan also possesses the abilities of the byakugan along with those of the sharingan and mokuton, and all other yohton/yinton/onmyoton releases, like I said, rinnegan is all encompassing. Rikudou's parents would've been onmyoshi monks and he would've been next in line. Rikudou's own heritage was that of a hyuga, meaning either he himself and/or his parents were hyugas bearing the byakugan, and he as a child was granted power by the heavens, he was chosen to be the bearer of the rinnegan. Then the sharingan and mokuton came from his lineages. So Rikudou/Rinnegan is all encompassing, it possesses the abilities of the entire shinobi world, if it doesn't so already, it has the ability to learn and replicate easily, including kekkeigenkais. So hyouton, ice release is easy for Rikudou.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rokudaime Sennin ™ View Post
    Anyways, as for the hyuga connection. The hyugas are the oldest living clan in konoha, possible the entire shinobi world. This predates them to the descendants of the younger/elder brother
    This is not necessarily true. We only have the rumour that Kakashi heard that says that the Sharingan was descended from the Byakugan and we know that the first son's prodigy eventually became the Uchiha (with the sharingan). But we have no idea how many generations it took for that process to happen, we just know that the first son was not the first sharingan user but had his own doujutsu similar to, but not, the Rinnegan.

    So the way I see it, 3 possibilities exist.

    1. The Sage of the Six Paths was descended from the Hyuga. This seems unlikely to me since the Sage is the originator of all ninjutsu and I don't see how somebody could have the Byakugan and not know how to manipulate chakra into ninjutsu. Though I suppose the Hyuga are taijutsu specialists and could've been limited to just manipulating chakra for that purpose.

    2. The First son's prodigy were Hyuga and eventually became Uchiha.

    3. The First son (or one of his prodigy) could've married a Hyuga to give birth to the first Sharingan user.

    I think that number 2 is most likely. It seems to me that the Sage's doujutsu wasn't exactly stable genetically because neither of his two sons inherited the rinnegan. So it could have been very few generations between the first Byakugan and the first Sharingan.

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    Its funny your bring up his past as I had worked out a story idea about the Rikudou Sages story from his youth to the time he seals the Jyuubi. In my story he was orpahned after an "accident" and left at a temple where he studied martial arts which became the basic building blocks for his discipline for developing his powers and understanding ninjutsu.

    Fire type

    What chakra type are you?

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    that is karate kid...

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    Some interesting info posted by AgaBomba.

    Quote Originally Posted by Agabombastic
    'Uzumaki' is a very known and basic word in Japanese. It simply means 'spiral', and it is also used for things like cyclones and whirlpools. This is likely a reference to the swirls that appear in ramen, the seal on Naruto's stomach, the Leaf Village's symbol, and later, the Rasengan technique. 'Naruto' has a variety of meanings. First off, it's a fish-topping for ramen, and is sold at close to every japanese restaurant where they serve ramen/noodle soup. Naruto is also a city in Japan, and a pretty touristy place too. Naruto City, looking out on the Strait of Naruto known for whirlpools (uzumaki), is located at the northeastern tip of Tokushima. Linked with Tokushima, the Awaji-shima island and the Honshu by the O-Naruto-kyo Bridge (Grand Naruto bridge) and Akashi Kaikyo O-hashi (grand Akashi Strait bridge), Naruto is a gateway to Shikoku. The biggest attraction in Naruto is whirlpools in the Naruto Strait. The phenomenon occurs when opposing currents from the Inland Sea of Japan and the Kii Channel meet in the Naruto Strait with as much a water level difference as 1.5 meters that is made by the ebb and flow of the tide. At the time of flood tide in the spring through the fall, there occur huge whirlpools that run at a speed of 20 kilometers an hour and exceed 20 meters in diameter. You can obtain a full view of these roaring whirlpools and surging currents from a tide-viewing boat, one of the Senjojiki observation platforms in Naruto Park or the top of Escahill Naruto. The water is always very active, but the currents switch a lot. At most times, shallower parts can be reached by boat, but when the currents rise, the entire river is a raging and roaring stream, only held back by the hills and rocks on the high shores. Of course, the word 'naru' means 'to roar' or 'to reach up to the highest goal'... This too, can be related to the world-famous whirlpools of Naruto, and of course to Uzumaki Naruto's personality. Also Ken Akamatsu used this name for the Charecter Naru Narusegawa in Love Hina Because of her Roaring personality and striving to achieve the highest goal "getting in to Tokyo University"

    Long ago, people in Naruto believed that a water creature lived in the Strait of Naruto. A demon from the deep that drew in many people in the mist. This ties in nicely to the demon inside Uzumaki Naruto, and even gives a little blink to the start of the series and the Mist Village where Tazuna builds the Great Naruto Bridge. Also, the change of the currents reflects on the change between Naruto and Kyubi, and the protective cliffs show a very fine metaphor for Uzumaki Naruto's Seal. I.e. the raging currents are like Kyubi's chakra escaping the normally calm Naruto. The cliffs that protect people act like Naruto's seal, because if they broke, the raging waters could cause havok.

    Check that out for some additional context.
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