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Yeah, id say its more along the lines of just getting stronger, or leveling up if you will... When i think of evolution, i think of the human evolution, or caterpillar to butterfly, of pokemon evolving, or how technology has evolved..

The 3 things you mentioned are pretty much how shonen supernatural characters get stronger.. but i guess you can say its an evolution of their abilities.. But you seem to think its unique, but pretty much all powers can change like that... because most powers in shonen supernatural mangas can get stronger.. i mean, if they dont they kinda become a bit boring, unless they were just that strong to begin with and had that vast of an arsenal of moves..
Yea I guess your right in most instances evolution really isn't unique so I guess I should think about changing the name of the thread I guess because we begin to realize how evident this evolution Is in the one piece world but I was just trying to specify :-)