Ok so this is my very first thread and the main purpose is to discucss my theory on the possible hidden power that lies within the parecia type devil fruit. This thread can also be used to talk anything PARMECIA.
And for all those people who may have negative comments about this thread and might think its lame or what not just keep it to yourself of find another thread why stay and comment on something you don't like? :-D

Right back to my theory. Following the title of this thread I came up with the theory that some if not all paramecia type devil fruit users have the hidden ability/potential to "EVOLVE" their standard abilities and surpass its normal capabilities and expectations! Most people believe that the paramecia class DF is weak and sometimes useless compared to its counterparts, but I believe that the paramecia is able to advance and adapt (evolve) from its usual so called weak state to a stronger state and thus raising the standard ability to a higher level. But this can only be achieved through enough training and practice of the certain ability by the respective fruit user.

My theory is heavily based on some instances in One Piece where some paramecia class fruit users are able to achieve a more advanced form of there base ability allowing them to become more power full and have a new set of techniques.
such as luffy advancing the power of his gomu gomu no mi with the use of his "GEAR" techiques making is standard rubber ability much more stronger and takes all his previous techniques to "another level" as quoted by himself