Group: @Home Encoding
IRC: #@Home on
Contact: TheProfosist
Projects: and growing...

We are currently looking for users who are interested in being an active part of our encoding group and are looking for (in order of importance):

Encoders – that have some experience with AVS Scripts and x264.

Subbers – people who know how to do typesetting, styling, timing, editing, and karaoke.

ISO Providers – people who know how to use share, and Perfect Dark and are willing to DL R2J DVDs and JPN BDs that aren’t available via torrent

XDCC Server Hosts – people that can and are willing to host XDCC servers for the groups releases on our irc channel. these should be as user friendly as possible and preferably available 24/7.

Dedicated Seeders – people who can seed our torrents preferably using seedboxes 24/7. we will accept part time seeds as well.