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    D.Gray-man The Noahs- 7000 years ago

    So, I'm a little confused by what happened 7000 years ago.
    Recap of what I know:
    There were 13 Noahs, not just 1. Number one being the Earl himself. There were the three days of darkness, and after that the Noahs had kids and started what is now the human race. So, the Noah can reincarnate in anybody?
    I have a few questions.
    1. Where does the 14th come into this?
    2. Can't the Millenium Earl just reincarnate if they *somehow* kill him?
    3. Why on Earth does the Earl want to be near the 14th? (There isn't an actual answer for that yet, though :/)
    4. Why can't the mangaka update faster? (hahaha, just kidding)
    5. Last- What do you think is gonna happen when the 14th really awakens? (I can't wait!!)

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    Well my understanding is this:

    7000 years ago there was a "Clan of Noah" consisting of 12 members with the head of the clan being "Adam" or "The Millennium Earl" (weather or not they had a connection to the actual man "Noah" I have no clue, I think it was originally thought they did but later it was just said this clan was the start of "Noah" rather than one man). Also sometime Bondomu split into two Noah effectively making the group have 13 members.

    The Earl fought the person with the heart (if I remember correctly) and the battle caused the three days of darkness.

    The human kind that came after the great flood all descend originally from this clan.

    Answering your first question:
    The 14th sometime came about within the human 'Neah Walker' and was with the clan for a time, he betrayed and was able to kill every Noah (save Road and the Earl himself) before fighting the Earl and getting killed after wounding him (yeah, he's a powerful bastard, Aye?) and he chose Allen to reincarnate into.

    Second: We dont know, my theory is he's like every other Noah where if the body dies the original Noah reincarnates and if the true Noah is exorcised or killed (probably by means of Allen's sword of exorcism as we dont know of any other method that could do what it can) then no it cannot. So I think if the Earl is exorcised from Adam then maybe even Adam would live the rest of his human lifetime and after which the would be former Noah side of him "The Earl" would not as it was effectively killed.

    Third: No clue.

    Fourth: Haha I wish it could happen too.

    Lastly: I honestly couldn't guess. Hoshino's writing is so epic and what not I could guess anything and she'd have a twist I wasn't expecting, haha.

    Hope I helped! If I was incorrect in anything, please someone correct me.

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