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    Kaizoku Alliances

    Thought this was a good thread to start up, Pirate Alliances or so to say future alliances? We seen from the war Whitebeard had what 48 or 50 other pirate ships under his wing. He probably had the largest alliance out of all the Yonkou's being 72 years old. As for the other Yonkou being how they rule a latter half of the new world they too probably have other pirate ships under their wing or some sort of alliance.

    So I figured we take a look at Luffy and the Supernovas, especially with some of the events that been happening. I can see the Luffy easily making alliance with Law from what has happen. Maybe some other nova's might group up? To take down a Yonkou or just simply get further in the New World to achieve their goals. Drake trying to get Kaidou's attention, him being a ex-marine he probably scheming something. Also Buggy's crew !! Mr.3 joining up with him and the escaped prisoners and long ago Alvida as well. Now possibly Gecko Moria who escaped death might join up with Buggy. Although this is base off a theory that the message Buggy got from WG was actually from Moria since it was a bat. Anyways back on Moria he said he was defeated by Kaidou and suffering his thriller bark lost added with the war and Daflamingo encounter. Might want him to group up with some one else to head to the new world and get closer to his goal?Buggy he's definitely heading to the new world I have no doubt captain john's treasure is in the new world.

    Alliances would probably be something you can't avoid in the new world because of all the challenges it holds. Top Tier Marines, Yonkous, hell its the grand line unexplained phenomenon's, bounty hunters and probably much more from Oda's imagination. Well I'm sure you guys get the jist of it and have some ideas of your own. I would like to see massive fleet battles, why favoring the pirate alliances theory so much.

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