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    Post Maximo´s Theories Poster-Wall

    Well, like all of you guys I find myself having my own theories and opinions about Naruto manga .. plus, I havent created many threads in a while .. so, I thought that I could make this thread into some-sort of a Wall where I can hang my ideas/theories/opinions. You know, so that I can have em all put together and not scathered across multiple threads.

    here goes ..



    Remember how Tobi mentioned his Moons Eye Plan, right ? Well, I think that theres not something right in that Plan. You see, Tobi wants to unite the Bijuus and revive the 10-Tails so that he can be its Jinchuuriki and magnify his sharingan powers.

    The problem is, unleast how I see it, that Tobi is nowhere near able to pull that off as he is now. He may seem like he is all that great, but the fact that he needs pawns to collect Bijuus and do all the work actually, means that he really is just a shell of his former self, whatever that was.

    Tobi can use Teleportation jutsus, yes, but what else is there ? From what I saw, he can teleport himself or anybody he touches into any given location as well as into a weird dimension. Thats it ! As far as sharingan jutsus goes, thats really it ! Besides that, he doesnt use elemental recomposition, yet we have seen him in 2 serious enought fights. Against a Hokage Minato, he only could afford to teleport him away. If Tobi could do more than that, he most likely would, cuz you know, he was fighting a fricking Hokage.

    So then, Tobi being powerless, how does he think he can actually revive 10-Tails, become its Jinchuuriki and then use a Sharingan jutsu that he actually cant use anyway ?

    Theres only possible way for Tobi to pull off his plan. He is gonna need FULL powers of the sharingan and a fit strong body to hold the 10-Tails in.

    Right now, his body seems like a mess - he wears a mask, where only his right eye is visable meaning that somethings up with his left eye - he tosses his limbs off like nothing and then puts new ones with ease - he covers his entire body in clothing, obviously so that no-one notices that something is wrong with it.

    That all suggests that right now, Tobis body is nowhere near fit, nor strong enough to hold a 10-Tails. As for the required sharingan powers he needs, well, to cast a Tsukyomi he needs unleast a Mangekyo Sharingan - both of em in his eye sockets. Assuming theres a reason why he uses only his right eye, then he cant use MS jutsus - Tsukyomi for that matter - to realize his plan.

    So then, how to do it ? I got an idea !! Actually it would make sense as well. I think you all know where Im getting with this dont you. Yes, its Sasuke ! Tobi himself agrees !

    This is the reason why Tobi is so cooperative with Sasuke, and why he was cooperative Itachi in the first place. He wanted Itachi at first, then he noticed Sasuke and realized that his potencial goes further. Tobi needs a fully developed uchiha, with the peak abilities and strong enough body to become a jinchuuriki. Sasuke fits well.

    I also assume that Tobis first "alpha" choice was for his former body to be revived by Nagato. Naruto thrown a wrench at that and so he is left off with Sasuke. RIght now IDK how, but theres only one way Tobi can pull of his master-plan - he needs to posses Sasukes body and his abbilites. So yeah, another homo after Sasukes "body" How much gay can you be, Kishi ?


    Lets take a look at the recent developement. Naruto gaining control over Kyuubis chakra ! Its all cool and all, but as you all noticed, its quite different from what we have seen eariler. There werent many people with full control over a Bijuu - Madara, Hashirama, Sage of the Six Paths, Killer B and possibly Kushina or Hashiramas wife (lol)

    Killer B is considered by many, a true jinchuuriki master. He has complete control over his Bijuu - he can maintain many versions of Hachibi transfomations with ease and on top of that, he seems to be a pal with Hachibi in the first place ! Yet, why not a "super-sayan" mode for Killer B ?! No love for him, Kishi ?

    Well, its either a plothole or .. there actually is manga-wise logical reason ! I thought of something when I compared Killer B and Naruto. The former jinchuurikis relationship with its bijuu is lot different then what Naruto has got with Kyuubi. Killer B openly talks with Hachibi in his mind - they appear to be friendly. Plus, in his inner "dimension", he freely interacts with Hachibi, as shown when he was sitting on top of Hachibis shoulder.

    Naruto, well, lets say he has got a lil difficulties dealing with his bijuu. Ever had a pet that constantly messes with your life, never does what you want and is allways on bad terms with you ? So does Naruto ! Hes just not an animal person Back to my point ..

    .. What I try to say is that the difference between Narutos and Killer Bs bijuu manipulations are connected to the way they treat em. Killer B is a natural beast tamer, as shown with the animals on the Island he is staying at with Naruto. He most likely tamed Hachibi, as a tamer would do and "civilized" him, just like an experienced animal tamer does with beasts like lions or bears.

    This way, when he taps into Hachibis chakra, it doesnt act like poison ! Thats also why, while using Hachibis chakra, he goes into a transformation to the Bijuu. You see, he didnt forcibly pulled of Hachibis chakra off. He either couldnt and he didnt need to bcs Hachibis will that came with its chakra was "tamed". He wouldnt been able to anyway - just remember how Naruto in Sage Mode couldnt pull off Kyuubis chakra out - Naruto needed to apprahend Kyuubi AND THEN use some 20-40 Sage Mode Kage Bunshins to help pull the chakra out !

    So now, Naruto says bulshit to taming - "I will force every bit chakra of the Fox out without its evil will". So he did, he filtered Kyuubis chakra off of its evil will and spirit and got a RAW mass of enormous chakra - life force. In a sense, Naruto became a Bijuu ! Thats why his version of using Kyuubis chakra doesnt include Kyuubi transformations and why he looks like super-sayan.
    Naruto has become a true jinchuuriki and is by far, the best one of em in history, with only maybe Sage of the Six Paths trumping him.

    PS: My thoughts why he looks like Rikudo - its most likely that the markings and all are just a seal markings that keep the RAW Bijuu chakra inside Naruto. Since Naruto manifested a RAW filtered chakra, its very nature is bound to fuse with surroundings - a chakra cant exit without a container.
    Thats all for my ideas for now ..
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    Both of your theories are well thought out IMO.

    For the Tobi/Sasuke theory

    It's very obvious that Tobi, the way he is now will not be able to be the Jyubi Jinchuuriki. He just needs him for something more, it's just that he didn't point it out at this point of the story. Ok, he needs Sasuke for the war, and that's all good the dude has become strong..but even Sasuke with all of his hatred and EMS can't defeat the 5 great nations. Tobi is just concerned about Sasuke and no one else (Zetsu,Taka ect).
    And he also made the deal with Kabuto just to use his Edo Tensei, he'll never give out Sasuke..unless Naruto forces him to do so

    About the Jinchuuriki theory

    I don't think that Naruto will ever be able to freely transform into the Kyuubi form, he had to re-seal the Kyuubi, where Hachibi as you said can move freely, that's the first thing that differs between the Biiju.
    He's sought his chakra out, and contained it seperately, he's using his pure chakra and the 'real Kyuubi' doesn't have to do anything more with it.

    Very good theories, they're making sense and it's very possible that you're right.

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    I don't understand this whole not bring able to tame the fox.
    The fox is not a team player. The two shinobi who controlled the fox were madara and harsihima, both of which are done by force. There's no cooperation from the fox so don't expect naruto or anyone for that matter to be friends with the fox. There's only one way to get the fox to cooperate with naruto, and that's to make deal to kill Tobi/madara. No deal ,no go it's that simple.
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