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Thread: Bleach Theroy

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeaT View Post
    Exactly, they can do that. Furthermore, the badge is given to a shinigami that is not a member of Soul Society but is still honored among them. It means that shinigami who choose to leave Soul Society can for example earn the badge.
    Well it is odd that they dont really talk about any of the shinigami that have retired or even left soul society.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaos Shepherd View Post
    Well, i had thought of that, but didnt mention it because it goes against what shock said.

    But if that were true, then itd basically be SS feeds souls to humans who when they die become souls who live for as long as they can but when they die they become humans again (rebirth cycle) and while in SS they have a chance to become a shinigami. Although, if they die to a hollow or something, they are erased completely, which is probably what happens to a shinigami when they die to a hollow.

    Now, SS would allow you to rebirth at a higher place or lower place then when you were on earth last, essentially. Plus, it would probably be that when you die in SS and become reborn on earth, youd lose all your memories.

    So, that would mean that souls are what are really born, and cant have a human without one, which kinda makes sense. There would really need to be an excess of souls dying to be reborn on earth, though. I was always under the influence of that souls didnt die too often. But it could always work out, seeing as hollows could become purified and then could go straight into a human again. Although i think it was once said that theyd go into SS after being purified. But it could easily be said that he meant SS wait zone of rebirth or something. :S

    It really could actually work like this.. but, then it makes you wonder what the point of living on earth is.... but it still pretty much all fits.
    The point of living on earth is to become a better person. Kubo took a lot of inspiration from Buddhism and that idea of reincarnation, hence a boy's soul could be stuck to a parakeet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryasis View Post
    Well it is odd that they dont really talk about any of the shinigami that have retired or even left soul society.
    Not really, because right now it has no relevance whatsoever to the storyline.
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    Um, I'm pretty sure the former Captain's name was mentioned. Kirio Hikifune. So, unless Masaki Kurosaki changed her name, I doubt her and Hikifune are thes same person.

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