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is BB that really much of a pussy?! Damn he chooses the chick Bonney to capture..
Yeah that was my first thought, but then again last chapter the elders said something about BB knowing Whitebeards sphere of influence. And bonney was bitching and crying during the marineford arc also claim to hunt "him" down. (the him still I don't know who she was mentioning at first thought it was Luffy but now think might had been Blackbeard but is she really that stupid/stubborn?) What Akainu said what's really interesting though, "when I heard you ran away from the government, it sent a chill down my spine…. but it’s all over now….". Akainu a guy to take off half of whitebeard's face (A FREAKING YONKOU) then take the life of Ace without any hesitation. Chasing Luffy after is then blocked/attack by Jimbei/Croc and then the whitebeard crew and didn't back down. None of that phased him and for him to declare that about Bonney shows a lot. I still can't really connect it with BB though except for the elder thing.