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Why get S x-ed out that is just a random theory ppl throw around, why the hell would he put an s inbetween his own name because as i know it that sounds nothing like a mermorial. "hey i'm Ace and i think i'll get a memorial tattoo that doesn't count as a memorial tattoo just my name with a S in the middle" << talk about drunk mistakes

Why would Oda make her say that wouldn't he have left that bit out because it is utterly meaningless when you have the baby in your arms.

AAAAAnd in no dictionary has it ever said the person in question has to believe his/her theory.

And wow i have never believed the term two wrongs don't make a right more than right now
I said that the S with the x through it was sabo's jolly roger. But tell me what the S with the x through it means if you're sooooooooooooooo smart then.

and he made her say that for story telling. on how ace got his name. and she didn't say that when she was holding it in her arms, she was saying it to garp while she was pregnant, and then he was born it they put it there again for effect