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    Red face All Ninja Fan Club

    I wish to create a ninja F.C. under the name of my master skibro from the ninja club on come join if you want to. [I]'m not asking you to quit any F.C.s you are curently in just to come join us,(Although it's curently not working. The site I mean) I hope that there are no rules for creating clubs, if there are I'll apologise now.
    Anyway if there are'nt any rules I will like to start this F.C. i'll be head ninja and I'll take in requests for ranks below mine. This is an all ninja club, Not just naruto or ninja gaiden so don't be limited to those.

    (By the way this will be the first F.C. I start so help me out if you can.)

    O.K no one is joining so the next amid that reads this can you close it up if no one else has replied to it?
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    Ummm.can I be Shinsengumi Watcher Susumu Yamazaki...i"m not sure of the rank....Oh close the thread..oh well
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