There was alrdy a 3week Time Skip for Luffy to heal... The message Luffy sent is for the screw to meet up somewhere. I believe the tatoo could be of some use as well to this message. IF I remember correctly, first time they met Ace as the Strawhat, they were on the desert Island where Vivi is, Luffy having a tattoo simillar to Ace and showing it up on the photo could probably mean to meet there, even though I doubt ti since it's too far away.

Anyway, can't week for next week. Oda is messing with us with message over message haha.

For the people thinking time skip due to the 16 ring, It's just a way to end Whitebeard's era and starting a new one. It's unprobable thatt heer will eb a time skip due to Chopper being on the way already.