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    Seen that from a mile away.

    edit: Let me rephrase, I seen Gin's betrayal from a mile away, not so much the circumstances.
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    I always assumed Gin might be a secret agent sent to keep tabs on Aizen or he has his own ambitions much darker than Aizen.

    Somehow Gin gaining the H-cube seem scarier than Aizen as hes not the type of character who cares about being god and creating order ...just chaos and destruction.

    I have a feeling he might succeed throwing everything into chaos... I think this would be a perfect end to Aizen's invincible /smug.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuroihikari View Post
    No, not really unexpected. Many people were calling it after Gin named his sword and the "Deicide" chapter names. The only thing unexpected really was the timing.
    Well, not to be a pest, but it could be called years ago. Now, if you'll just skip the part about Tosen (the old times when people thought Tosen would be a good guy), I kinda called it here more than two years ago:

    Quote Originally Posted by Óðinn View Post
    My point is that Tosen is always talking about his justice thing (I can't stand it and him btw), but that means that in some way he thinks that Aizen's right, so he seems to me like his most loyal sidekick. Thus, unless Aizen tricked him and he discovers it, I'd say he won't give up on him. I mean that idealists go their way till death. On the other hand, Gin is a treacherous fu*k, he was with Aizen all along and that should be a good reason for him to be with him till the end, but his links with Matsumoto and the way he behaves make me think that he might be redeemed. Or, he was tricking everybody from the very beginning.
    I know I have stated it even more clearly somwhere else, and I was slain for it, but that's the only one I could find and couldn't be bothered to search for more.
    Haven't been here for a while, but couldn't resist the chance to say I told you.

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    WTF i just read?
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    Ok, with Gin now saying that his sword is made out of dust, is anyone else thinking that Gin's and Matsumoto's zanpakutos may be related in some way?

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    doing your mom
    epic shit right there


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    And here I thought Bleach was a comedy shounen. good chapter finally.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Death View Post
    I swear if your theories were any dumber I would be retarded...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suichimo View Post
    Ok, with Gin now saying that his sword is made out of dust, is anyone else thinking that Gin's and Matsumoto's zanpakutos may be related in some way?
    my first thought.

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    Well, it crossed my mind at one point but i always thought of Gin as the Villain's left hand, which in some cases tend to look even more sinister than the villain himself (Sojiro from Kenshin , even though Makoto shishio had the looks, for me there was always something about Sojiro that was more scary than Shishio).

    With that said, It would be really interesting for me to see Gin killing Aizen and maybe taking control for even darker purposes. It is highly unlikely but it would be so cool if it did.

    IF this is not the option, Gin's days are counted and it is sad because he was the coolest, mysterious and most interesting character in bleach and personally i would've preferred him dying by Ichigo's hand in an EPIC FIGHT than fighting Aizen, a guy which clearly overpowers everyone.

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    Why does it matter who called it? If you look at Aizen's face and how its drawn in the last chapter when Gin arrives, its blatently obvious.

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