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    Bleach 281 Discussion if you'll like to stream it dont have any download links yet but still enjoy...
    was good episode even though barragan died still showed how strong he is, he could only be defeated by his own strength in a way it backs up previous arguments.

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    No matter how many times I hear it, I love the Arrancar music. It is just so fitting at times, otherwise pretty good episode. Also enjoyed the extended fight scenes and very little flash backs of previous episodes. So overall pretty damn good

    I was trying to find the Arrancar song, can anyone help?
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    People who are looking for torrents and Megaupload, here you go;

    Horrible Subs - Bleach 281 - 720 P torrent

    Horrible Subs - Bleach 281 - 480 P torrent

    Megaupload - Bleach 281 - 720 P

    Megaupload - Bleach 281 - 480 P

    Njoy! [ Btw guys.. if you're looking for better rips then Horrible Subs, just wait one day and you can download better quality and subs from SGKK Fansubs. They're doing a great job, since DB left us ;(

    Their site is: ]
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    Just a comment:

    Once again, Hats off to the Bleach animation team. As far as I remember it, they have kept the Anime true to the Manga, aqnd the Visual appearance is realistic and lacking unbearably cartoonish exaggerations.

    My main reason for archiving anime, is to provide a pleasant review of a series I enjoyed, and the Bleach team give my that pleasure.

    Technical Note:

    I'd like to suggest to others who likewise archive anime and Manga. Save your media to an external drive, Back that up if you can afford to.

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    Just finish this bleach episode. it was epic. But kido in the manga chapter seems more epic than to this bleach anime episode. Omaeda looking stupid in this episode and Lisa's mask mask was just awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ranson View Post
    Just finish this bleach episode. it was epic. But kido in the manga chapter seems more epic than to this bleach anime episode.
    I think so too, but it's a good episode, and as paul said at least the animators keep the quality for Bleach mostly on the same level if not better sometimes (Ichigo vs Ulq for me).

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    Pretty decent episode.
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    doing your mom
    cool ep


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