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    doing your mom

    i know how tobi really is

    tobi is the son of the 3rd hokage sarutobi,, tobi got his name form tobi in sarutobi and tobi have uchiha madara power and can use his power just how like someone could use kakashi power if they take his sharingan


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    dumbest theory ever sorry for the comment but it's gotta be said

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    Thread moved to Naruto theories forum.


    Ever wonder why one of your particularly bad posts has been deleted? Feel free to contact me!

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    Yeah he's Sarutobi's son, except he has sharingan, damn I h8 these threads, no one is related, I think the only big relation mystery was Naruto's parents and that was only his mother that was a mystery. Not everyone is freaking related goddamn it.

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    Well, dark_atom_5, they enjoy discussing theories, there are tons of Naruto fans who enjoy that, what's wrong about it? If you don't like it, just ignore this subforum.

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    yeah and I'm the 1st Kazekage, whatever

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