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    Kazuya looks like he'll play out like a good rushdown and I'm happy for that. Now all they need to do is announce Yun and I'll have my team.

    Props to Ravona for the awesome sig! Noel is the greatest and I challenge you to prove me otherwise!

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    Draciel's more hardcore than you, I bet he's out killing people now, while cosplaying nude Kyon.
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    MVC 3 maybe getting an ultimate edition, but how about we talk about the game that hasn't been released already huh? Though knowing Capcom I might just hold off on buying this too. Here's an updated look at Street Fighter X Tekken.

    Ah Poison, sexually confusing me for over 10 years now. A welcome surprise addition in my opinion.
    Oh and Tekken 3 Yoshimitsu skin, very slick. NAMU NAMU NAMU! (Commits Seppuku)
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    so the game is finally out anyone got it?

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    shut up you weakling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are just angry because i didnt let you became my SERVANT!!!!!! but icould not accept that because you are too weak to be my servant sorry

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