Well, if you are adding sub forum, you might as well add one for manwha and manhua. Yeah, they dont really get a lot of posts, but i think many of them are actually missing from the shonen manga sub forum to begin with. I believe it would be much more popular than just a sub forum for soul eater alone. I mean, there are quite a few manwhas and manhuas, aren't there? Some are actually quite good. Although, i know veritas and the breaker are in the shonen section which i believe are manwhas, so you might have to move a few posts from the shonen, maybe even shojo section.

Although, i seeing as they are mostly monthly (I believe) it won't exactly be that active, but it might also help people find out some of the manwhas or manhuas that are good. Plus, if you find something in that section, you'll know to read left from right. :-p