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    What's up with Madara's body? It was dissolving, reminded me of when he replaced his arm. Also, isn't it crazy that all the power we've seen from the Kyuubi has only been half it's original power?

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    decent chapter, too bad madara ran away

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    pirate hunter arisart's Avatar
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    Awesome chap!! I remember Paulbee mentioned about the fox eyes is dilated. Kishi is one consistent guy.

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    Wow this chapter just blew my mine it also answered alot of long lost questions. To top it all off a heart warming picture of the Uzamaki family.

    I was Previously that noob you use to pick on called NarutosageMode

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    These past few chapters are beyond epic. Kishi better not run out of epicness when the flashbacks end lol

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    Programming Guru Trigunflame's Avatar
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    Initiate Uzumaki_brothers's Avatar
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    epicness. well it seems safe to assume that madara was replacing body parts and maybe even knew zetsu when he faced minato.

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    you're too troublesome Shikamaru-sensei's Avatar
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    I found it to be a fairly powerful chapter >:o More chapts like this please?

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    Appearance of Darkness Aga bomBa's Avatar
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    Pff,.. I'm just repeating myself for the last 5 weeks, but I've to say it again; EPIC!!

    - Minato is awesome, what a guy.. Madara wasn't at his full strenght, but he wounded him + broke his control over the Kyuubi, simple badass. Though not as badass as Hashirama, who fought a full healty Madara.

    I'm still confused about something; Minato said to Naruto, that Madara saw through every move he did.. so if he makes such a statement, then why didn't Madara saw through the last attack? A seal on his body so Minato could use his FTG? Has to be a translation fault.

    that Shinigami at the end was freakin sick !! But guys, look at the upper left corner:

    " With a seal only a non-jinchirikuu like me can use, the dead demon seal ! "

    .. does that mean that Naruto can't never use that jutsu? DOES it mean, that " THAT JUTSU " isn't the dead demon seal, but like I assumed; a jutsu related to the kyuubi?

    I've to say that Minato and Kunshina, are probably the most badass parents you could have as a child, seriously. This chapter made it clear, that Madara is going to be the last big villain afterall. Loved it !
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    Programming Guru Trigunflame's Avatar
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    It was good, but I wouldn't go so far as to say epic.
    I was hoping for something more from Hiruzen.

    At least the whole sealing process was clarified.
    The Eight trigrams seals being clearly differentiated from the Shiki Fujin seals.

    Eight trigams seal is used specifically for sealing chakra.

    One was used to seal Kushina's chakra in Naruto.
    The second used to Seal half of the Kyubi's chakra in Naruto.
    Thus naruto having two eight trigams seals on-top of one another.

    The Skiki Fujin seal was used to seal the other half of Kyubi's chakra in Minato.
    The difference here being that the Shiki Fujin seal is a permanent method of sealing chakra versus the Eight trigams being reversible.

    My question is what does Madara/Tobi know than Minato doesn't?
    Minato seemed confident that this would prevent Madara's/Tobi's plans from succeeding.
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