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Thread: Alien Swarm

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    Alien Swarm

    Has anyone been playing this yet? I have played it for one match and thought it was pretty cool.

    You can get this off steam for free

    google is your friend. if you don't know what Alien Swarm is.
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    I love it. Valve releasing it for free was a great idea. It's the best top-down shooter since Hunter: The Reckoning. Everyone needs to pick this up.

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    I have it to. Everyone I know on steam is pretty much picking it up since it's free and fun.
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    I have heard people talking about this on other forums and I guess you cant beat the value of a free game.

    If my crappy old PC can handle it I will DL it later this week..

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    Alien Swarm

    Alien Swarm is a game and the release of the Source SDK is a group of talented designers at Valve, who had been recruited Mod community.It is a interesting game and Alien Swarm add a third-person camera, depth of field, dynamic shadows and various additions to the Source game engine.

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