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    Who cares...

    Picking up a new manga mayby?

    Welcome ladies and gentelman to the first post of the night. In the left corner is the question: what Fairy Tail is about with its coach is it any good?
    In the right corner: well it's empty right now, sorry.

    But seriously, I was scouting on Mangastream and came across this picture:

    ... obviouslly she's hot hence the question: is Fairy Tail worth picking up? Whats the plot; is it more shounen or .. the one for gays.. i mean girls.

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    If you like One Piece, you'll like this. Because they look exactly the same.

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    Hey Drago, you might be interested in taking a look at these threads for more info:

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    I don't think it's really worth picking. Yeah, you got a formidable One Piece's Luffy-like main character, and some great friends of him; but the story is crap, just like Dragon Ball's: one bad bad bad guy comes to town, they beat him; one bad bad bad bad guy comes then, even stronger, they beat him, etc.

    I'd recommend you to check out Monster Hunter Orage, it's a really short manga by same author, but more adventure-filled and with the same kind of characters. Do not start reading Fairy Tail if you have other choices, there are tons of other mangas out there way better.

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