Here's the game, peepses. You think of a character from any anime/manga/cartoon/movie/comic you want, and you give a couple hints as to who it is(try not to make it too obvious). Whoever guesses right goes next.


1.If you include the character's series in your hint, your entry will be considered invalid.
2.The character must be a work of fiction(no relatives/friends).
3.In the event that the winner fails to post within 5 days of his/her victory, I will post in their place.
4.If you guessed one right, you are not allowed to make a guess in the next one. If you DO post a guess, it will be considered invalid.
5.All guesses must be placed in a spoiler tag. If not, your guess is counted as invalid.

I'll start.

They say the fastest way to a man's heart is through the stomach. I disagree;The fastest way to the heart is through the ribcage. I should know, I've taken that route plenty of times.