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    Senior Member SquadZero's Avatar
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    So the 4th pretty much spammed FTG like Naruto spams KB. That fight reminded me a lot of how Naruto took down Naraka path Pain. Naruto really does take after Minato in that he overcomes opponents with better jutsu by using his strengths with clever tactics.

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    GAI SENSEI 4 HOKAGE bankai's Avatar
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    that was a epic chapter. madara kind of made the 4th look weak. i wonder how the 1st kick madara ass


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    Good chapter. Minato is badass as hell.
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    It's funny how the real genius behind every single epic battle is Kishi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeFlash View Post
    Very, very nice!!!

    but damn! that chapt flew faster than Yellow Flash himself!

    Now, to get to the 9-tails and seal it, the 4th will have to defeat tobi someway or another, or at least make him retreat and I don't think that rasengan alone will be enough.

    I fondly do hope that by the time this Flashback is over, Minato would have laid some serious damage on Madara, forcing him to get new Zetsu Parts.

    Quote Originally Posted by gearz View Post
    maybe madara's long thought dead brother?????
    But why should HE still be alive after all this time, not withstanding the databook said he died in battle.

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    Appearance of Darkness Aga bomBa's Avatar
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    .. and that's what we call EPIC, again !!

    first of all,.. Minato's space/time barrier ninjutsu is simple godlike!! Minato is for sure, one of the most sickass shinobi's in Naruto Manga. And guys; When Madara grabbed Minato and tried to suck him up to his dimension, he said: " Aaand, we're done "

    -- Meaning that those ROOT ANBU'S that he sucked to his dimensions, are probably dead No seriously; with that line, you can say that they are gone for sure.

    About Minato saying that Madara is superior in teleportation, was no suprise for me.. Madara is just as badass as Minato, but he isn't healty. BUT Minato is for sure, faster then him in combat.
    Madara even said it in the picture above ^^^^^ " he teleported,.. talk about fast " [ meaning that Minato is real, REAL fast,.. if he can escape his sucking dojutsu.

    - I expected more of the second level Hiraishin, but the combination with rasengan and hitting him from above, made that scene so freakin amazing.. it reminded me how Naruto owned Hell Realm from above with two rasengans.

    - And Second Hokage using teleportation? And Edo- Tensei? And being a sensor? Guys,.. that guy had to be fckin strong too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aga bomBa View Post
    Okey guys, I'm confused about something;

    - In the latest chapters, we can see that Tobi ( Madara ) has short hair, right?

    But Itachi found him with the same mask 9 years later in the woods with long hair.

    during Madara's confrontation with Minato, he has short hair and Itachi is only 4 years old.. so why did he let his air grow long during that nine years, and cut it off after his meeting with Itachi ??

    - Before the Konoha attack ( facing Hashirama ) -> long hair
    - Konoha attack -> short hair
    - Uchiha massacre nine years later -> long hair
    - after that; short hair + diffirent mask !?!?

    So why is he changing his hair-style so many times? Normally manga artists let characters grow their hair or giving them a hair-cut.. but they never change their hair-style so many times.. ?!?!?!
    .. I said this in the spoiler section, so what are your guys thinking,.. is it related to longelivty or changing bodies??
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    That was truly awesome chapter. this got to be the best flashback in the whole series, i hope we get a few more chapter out of it. im confuse in one thing tho, does the space-time barrier works on the same principle as the FTG technique or is it a complete different technique?

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    That chapter was too god damn short.

    I like how Minato was constantly strategizing while facing Madara/Tobi. Quite an intense start to this battle.

    I hope we get to see Enma again in his regular form as a Ape.

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    Shrug, Minato saying Madara jutsu is stronger is a way to say that he can warp anywhere with out marker. Minato jutsu is still faster then Madara in every aspect so far. And as we have just seen, Minato jutsu pwned Madara's one.

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    It was a good chapter. Also now we know that in order for Madara's jutsu to work he was to hold on to or touch the person he wants to suck into his dimension.

    The chapter was very short though! Can't wait for next one
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