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    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    I really have to say this:

    Congratulations to the Bleach animation team.

    There was no STUPID ,gratuitously exaggerated, ad-libing, injurious to the Manga integrity, mindless Manga Mangling fight scenes.

    Anyone watching this chapter gets a very close approximation of what Kubo did in his manga.
    Yup totally agree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmarSa View Post
    Yea compared to Naruto, Bleach always has a decent,constant quality.
    I liked this episode, and the flashbacks are not a problem at all...I´d rather have flashbacks half of the episodes than fillers in this particular case.

    Nice one!
    Except the censored scenes you mean, but yeah bleach animation was always good, with the exception of the bount arc.

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    Wasting minutes on flashback we already saw

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    epic. this episode was just awesome


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    Was a good episode. They even threw in a little bit of Lisa and Mashiro fanservice to boot too lol. Sorry, as a guy, I couldn't help but mention that. But though the buildup for the Vizards is nice and all, the one thing I keep in mind is that Aizen hasn't moved. And us manga readers know the business when he decides to stretch out is sword drawing arm lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharingan360 View Post
    Wasting minutes on flashback we already saw
    I was thinking the same thing and honestly I thought theyld pull an OP and show an entire episode of flashbacks. Still Ild rather they do what they did in this episode then do that or have yet another non-sensical filler arc that doesnt even come close to being cannon. So its a minor nusence.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ·Rokudaime Sennin· ™ View Post
    Exactly, Bleach fans should be happy, that the studio doesn't give their anime the same treatment Naruto anime is given.
    Agreed, you can always count on fans to complain when Bleach is not meeting there standards. Remember when was really slow paced for a while a little while back? You couldn't find a post that didn't complain about how much time and space was being wasted in the manga/anime. I complained too.

    But now I can confidently say that Bleach is awesome, the quality has improves so much and it's pleasing to look at; not only that but it's consistent! Unlike when we had that random sick-quality Hisagi fight then the next episode is was back to the okay quality.

    Both the anime and manga of bleach is awesome and this is the way I love to feel about it.
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    lol Aizen gave Shinji a haircut....

    Anyways good stuff what more needs to be said...

    Edit: I forgot to mention the ending animation is really nice and the song is kinda bland but less annoying than the previous.
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    i think that was a really good episode love looked like a complete hollow after tearing the gillian in half n rose song to the gillian that song most have some hard lyrics to fuck that gillian up like that lol was great

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    Originally Posted by halaros536
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    Was a good episode, but I don't think we needed another flashback.
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