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    Naruto My theory about Tobi

    I think tobi is an former konoha ninja from tha uchiha clan (maybe obito) that by some reason goten crazy and turned against the vilage and left it. Then with some crazy jutsu he absorbed Madara's powers.
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    i think when the 1st kick madara's ass he sealed his powers away then tobi stole them when the leaf village got attacked by the nine tales


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    First thing... I do not think Tobi is Madara. Madara is old.. Zetsu refers to him as a kid... as a "good boy." I do not think he is Madara. Madara could be alive... who knows, but he is not Tobi.

    Also... Tobi says nothing that he is Madara. He DOES say something about "acheving the ultimate power... Madara Uchiha' power." He never said anything like "I am Madara." I think he is trying to get his Sharingan to Madara's level Sharingan, past Sasuke's and Kakashi's Mangekyo Sharingan. But he never says anything about being Madara.

    Tobi = Who knows. Obito? Someone else who has the Sharingan? Danzo? I dunno. But I don't think he's Madara.

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    one thing, if you say that tobi said nothing about being madara it means that hanzou said nothing about being hanzou. they introduce themselves the same way, with
    kono _________, so he may be madara but with a diff body

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    This theory again well whatever. I think most of what happen in Naruto doesn’t have to follow the most logical theory for example the 4th being Naruto’s dad.There was little to no proof of that happening [other than both being blonde and him putting a demon inside of Naruto], but it did happen .The story doesn’t have to follow logic but what the writer want it to be. This theory is very weak showing less proof of happening than tobi being Uchiha Madara. I think that Tobi is Uchiha Madara for many reasons. One point that I’ll bring up Orochimaru said there was infinite amount of jutsus and infinite amount of possibilities. So why is it so hard to believe that Madara found a way of staying alive for so long, and it would solve the question of why he knows so much. It would be better than the idea of some random new person showing up, and we having to learn about the character and where they came from. It would just be more annoying to have to read it, cus the story line is kinda already being stretched out. It would be easier on us if tobi's real identity was already established.

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    Ya think he might be from konoha, the uchiha clan, what gave it away the sharingan?

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