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    Bleach Movie 4 2010



    Credit: hossice

    grimmy and ulquiorra are in it apparently??

    edit: More details about the characters and movie:

    Hell Arc movie will be shown on December 4, planned to be a 90 minute film.
    It'll be the first film featuring completely hollowfied Ichigo.

    Advance booking for the first 80,000 will be announced on July 31.

    The incentives are 3 posters in one set, the reverse in civilian clothes illustrations.

    Set A is Ichigo, Inoue, Ulquiorra

    Set B is Rukia, Byakuya, Renji

    Set C is Hitsugaya, Gin, Grimmjow

    Message from sensei:

    This time, I'm participating from the planning and scenario stage,

    so I'm putting everything that I can for this production.

    It's just apt for the 10th anniversary of my serialization, so I'm sure it'll be an incredible movie.

    And I hope you'll enjoy it.


    Spoiler Script
    Source: 2ch and FLOL
    Credits: 69ruma and sheetz
    Verification: Confirmed

    I forgot. The spine picture is Zaelopolo
    黒刀リ(刀にりっとうだけど漢字でてこないので) コクトー
    The name of the guest character in the move is Kokutou.

    He committed crimes for his younger sister when he was alive and was sent to Hell.
    He hates a band of criminals lead by someone named Akihasu (or something like that). He frees Karin from their grasp.
    And so he goes with Hell to fight along with ichigo.
    His voice actor.
    Akihasu shoots fire a fire lance and wields a crimson lotus sword. He launches a scheme to use a secret ability on Ichigo.
    His voice actor.

    I'll update as I learn more.
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