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    Soooo.. I know this is a manga site and all, but I was wondering if anyone isn't interested in talking about other stuff like politics, reviewing movies, reviewing music, discussing international relations, stuff in the news.. You know just expanding what is discussed.

    Like here is an interesting subject:
    Russia with its increased revenue from oil (rising prices and increased production) have led it to open new doors and opportunities. One would expect Russia to invest in its people and its economy with such extra money, yet Putin seems to just improve their military. Some analysts say that Russia just wants to be taken more seriously in the world, historically they take pride in their military, and enjoy that respect when people see Russia has that bomb, tank, gun or whatever. However, isn't Putin letting Russia, or himself, sacrifice further economic growth of their country for pride? On the other hand, is this the right move to create growth in Russia and ultimately expand economic growth as well as a general better standard of living?

    So. I hope some of you are interested, but I won't be surprised if the number of responses are few and faint.
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