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    Naruto 4 things i hate about Naruto

    hi, a like naruto, u all like too, but there are somethings that i hate in naruto
    1. in anime series, that's very bored anime, not loyal to the manga.there is always something added that is not important.
    2. in manga, the fighting scene is quite good, but in anime series, the fighting scenes is less than the chit chat of the characters
    3. before shippuden, there was so many unrelated episodes after naruto and sasuke had fought.and it was so bored
    4. the fighting scene between the series and the movie is so different, and the movie's fighting scene is so rock!
    see more in my site

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    We all know that the anime suck, kthnxbye

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    this threat should be in the naruto anime, and, dude, movies, they always want to make them look better.

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    somone gonna lock this thread, honestly ad14n994 just stated 4 things he hates about naruto in a little rant, this isn't even a topic.

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