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    Quote Originally Posted by ·Rokudaime Sennin· ™ View Post
    Painted the dog.

    Nah. j/k.

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    On the 3rd, went to the taste of chicago for a few hours, saw little bit of the fireworks, left early. yesterday it was all BBQ at home with family. baby back ribs with sweet sugar ray's sauce, can't beat that.

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    :c I couldn't get shit-faced at all this weekend; I worked Friday & Saturday, and then come Sunday I went to my Aunt's for a cookout where no one drinks, and then my crew who I usually get shit-faced with had to work Monday. What a load of tosh.

    Though we had Guitar Hero wars. I never was a fan of this game but I like it more since my boyfriend plays it. He's really good (Though I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing...)

    Here's a shit-boring, horrible quality, video of him kicking my sister's ass at a Metallica song: (<-- 3g2 file from crap phone. Too lazy to convert.)

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    Well went to my nephews B-Day on Sunday. Ate some awesome BBQ Lit some fireworks. Plopped a firecracker behind my sis and mom and their friends and watched them run like headless chickens. Went home and hung with some friends. Didn't drink (too young) and watched more fireworks.
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