sry bout the title, just wanted to get the mods attention. Yesterday before the Naruto chapter came out, I don't know if the load on the site's server was high or you guys disconnected couple of servers, but recent posts started disappearing. Everytime I tried to post, I was getting No thread specified, and the post wouldn't show up that I posted, go back and refresh multiple times, it showed up then. I had even accidentally double posted twice cause I thought it didn't post, then had to go back and delete.

Then other peoples posts disappeared for least half an hour, even my response to them. At first I thought some lurking mod was going around deleting posts, maybe cause we were discussing the waiting time for the next chapter, but when they came back later, that wasn't the case.

However, I'm still getting the No thread specified error every time I try to post, my post doesn't show up, or takes 5 mins to show up and posts are still disappearing. I'm runnin vista along with firefox latest. Just thought I'd let you guys know, see if others are having the same issue. Thanks.