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    Quote Originally Posted by xioaxioa View Post
    Screw Ichigo and his self hate power-up. The real action is Aizen spewing pure badass all over the city.
    Who is that shadow? My bets on keigo.
    That would be so awesome if it was Keigo with some sort of specialized power to negate Aizen or Gin or something, buy time somehow! It seems like everyone has special powers when they come in contact with Ichigo....Unless it was their contact with Rukia and her Hyougoku body that granted them all their special powers based on their hearts true desire???
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    Not sure if it was mentioned but wondering if the water has something to do with his hollowification.
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    I don't think it has any link to hollowfication per se, I just think it links to Ichigo's state of mind that hollowfication puts him in.
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    The Deicide name has been going on for quite a while now, this harks back to Turn Back the Pendulum thing which lasted 1/4 of the year. So who reckons by September we will be seeing Deicide 20?

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    I think Aizen knows 2 much about Ichigo. HE knows his life and what is going to happen and all the powers he has. *cough-stalker*
    And i know Aizen is evil. But he's going to try and kill Tatsuki who can't wistand his power. If your going to kill someone. Try to only kill them when they can atually fight. Like Kenpahi. At least Kenpachi is FAIR!

    Back on topic, when Tensa Zangetsu stabbed Ichigo in the chest. it was kind of creepy., then Aizen shows up and, only Keigo can wiststand his power, just a little more than Tatsuki becuase he hangs with Ichigo more.

    Oh yeah in some chapters ago Aizen says that crap about the hyogoku having to do with the power coming to Orihime and Chad. Which can be true. or not.

    LIke most Soul Society Siders, i hate AIzen, but think there might be some kind of problem in his past that made him turn on them. Most Evil villians do. Like that guy from the SAW movies. That gu had a reason for going crazy. Some guy killed his unborn baby. But i'm pretty sure that he ddidin't have a kiled uunborn, but maybe something from his past that he can't handle, and turns it on the soul society.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orpheu View Post
    Do you guys wanna know who that is?

    I'll tell you....... it's Don Kan'onji !!!!!

    Think about it, shoes match, CSI can confirm it if someone has their phone number.

    Don Kon'onji fell asleep with the rest of Karkura town. He's probualy still asleep
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    Quote Originally Posted by Suichimo View Post
    I said this in the spoiler thread but hopefully this means Ichigo will be losing his hollow abilities or, at the very least, won't use them anymore. Now that I've read this chapter it appears that Zanpakuto!Zangetsu is trying to purge Hollow!Zangetsu from Ichigo. This is basically what I've been wanting for a while now. The best we've seen out of Ichigo has been when he was relying on Zanpakuto!Zangetsu and now that he's been relying on Hollow!Zangetsu he has felt weaker to me.

    All I can say is, hopefully this is the end of Vaizard Ichigo and the rebirth of Soul Reaper Ichigo.
    Hmm I didn't really get the impression that tensa zangetsu wanted to purge ogichi. Ogichi is an intrinsic part of ichigo so I don't think it would be that easy to remove that whole part of his soul. It seems more to me that tz wants ichigo to become more powerful which is why tz kind of set up for ogichi to explain why ichigo wasn't as strong as he could be. Furthermore if ichigo became a pure soul reaper again I doubt he'd be poweful enough to defeat aizen.
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