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    Source: Mangahelpers
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    Source : FLOL
    Credit : sheetz (From 69ruma)
    Verification : Confirmed

    苺戦いながら、今まで俺のために力を貸してくれてると思っていたが、何を思って力を貸してくれてたんだ?と 残月に聞く。
    As Ichigo fights he asks Zangetsu, "I thought until now you were lending me power for my own sake, but what was your purpose in doing that?
    それに対して、この世界を見ろ、希望に満ちた、摩天楼の群れだったこの世界は、お前の身近にあった小さな町 の風景になりさがり、雨はやんだが、全てが海に没した。
    He answers, "Look at this world. It was full of hope. It was full of skyscrapers, but has become downgraded to the scene of that
    little town so close to yourself. The rain has stopped but everything has sunk into the sea.
    それは全てお前が、絶望し、歩みを止めたからだという。そういうと、苺の前に飛び出し、胸を手刀で突き刺す 。
    All because you despaired and stopped your advancement." Saying this, he charges at Ichigo and stabs him in the chest with his hand.
    このままにしておかん、絶望の根源をここで引きずり出してやろうといういい、胸から何かを引き ずり出す。
    He says he's going to drag out the roots of that despair and pulls something out from his chest.
    苺が目の前をみると、そこにはウルキオラ戦の時の仮面をつけた死ハク装を来た男(ただし色は仮面も白黒反転 してる)
    In front of Ichigo is a man wearing the mask from when Ichigo fought Ulqy. (But the black and white colors are reversed.)
    "Hey, long time no see, Ichigo." The man removes the mask and underneath it's white Ichigo.
    Karakura Town
    As they head towards school, Tatsuki wonders if they should look for Mizuiro.
    一応探したけど、あいつは苺がいなくなってから一人で学校きてて、ケータイもでない。多分まだどっかで寝て るんだと思うとケイゴ。
    "We can for now, but since Ichigo's gone missing he goes to school by himself, and he doesn't even have a cell phone.
    He's probably still asleep somewhere," says Keigo.
    Hearing this, Tatsuki says, "You've hung out together since middle school, so I thought you were good friends."
    "That's not necessarily true. He keeps important things to himself, " says Keigo. "Really?" asks Tatsuki.
    水色があんななついたのは苺が初めて、すぐに壁をつくるから、自分から歩いてるとこ見てるだけでこっちはう れしいんだと続けるケイゴ。
    It;s only Ichigo that Mizuiro is attached to. He immediately put up a barrier, and I see him walking away from me, but he's happy this way.
    学校へ二人をおいたら。水色を探しにいきなとたつき、国枝や夏井はどーすんだよというケイゴにあの二人は自 分でなんとかできるでしょとたつき
    Tatsuki suggests they look for Mizuiro. Keigo wonders what's happened to two of their friends. (国枝 and 夏井 but I forgot their romanized names) but Tatsuki says
    they can take of themselves.
    Tatsuki announces she's going to look for Yuzu and Karin. Keigo says their father is probably with them.
    どうせ一緒に気絶してるでしょというタツキ。そこに急激な変化を感じる二人。目の前には愛染が 。
    Tatsuki believes they're likely all lying unconscious somewhere together. Suddenly the two of them sense a change. Aizen appears in front of them.
    Aizen praises them, saying that even though they are close to him they are able to preserve their own existence.
    Tatsuki asks who they are. He says that Kurosaki Ichigo will definitely be bringing his new power there.
    I want to bring him near in order to further perfect that power. Your deaths should help. He aims his sword at them.
    その言葉をきいて、逃げて浅野、早くしろよ!あんたがここにいて何かできんのかよ!と吐き出す たつき。
    Hearing this Tatsuki screams, "Run, Azano! Hurry! There's nothing you can do here!"
    Keigo hesistates, then flees. Gin is about to pursue him, but Aizen tells him it's not necessary. They will take care of things here first.
    Tatsuki sinks to the ground, unable to move, wondering what to do.
    From behind we see somebody's legs. Until next week.
    A figure sneaks up on Aizen and Ichigo's friends from the present world!? Will there be a new crisis, or possibly...!?

    The legs are dark so you can't tell whose they are.
    You don't suppose it's Mizuiro...

    Fire type

    What chakra type are you?

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    Ssj 3 hollow Ichigo in bankai, now that's what I'm talking about!

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    Pics are here

    Source : Bleach Asylum
    Credit : spacecat
    Verification : Confirmed


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    Don Kanonji is back
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    Hopefully Zangetsu is suggesting what I've been thinking this entire time. Ichigo stopped advancing once he started relying on the hollow half of Zangetsu instead of the Zanpakuto half. Hopefully through this we get Soul Reaper Ichigo back, he kicks Vaizard Ichigo's ass hard.

    I really want to see Ichigo use Zangetsu to its fullest again.

    As for getting back to that point, when Ichigo fought with Hollow Zangetsu when the Vaizards were training him, we saw Ichigo force his own will upon Hollow Zangetsu and turn part of his arm into the normal coloring for ichigo. I think that if he could do that fully he'd get Zanpakuto Zangetsu back.

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    Man you guys, why all this hate for the Quincies? You never know

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    Hollow Ichigo looks awesome in reverse colours =D
    If Ryuken does show up, I think he'll do OK ~ Not hurt Aizen in any way but waste some time and hopefully show off some cool quincy shit.
    Far too awesome for your eyes!

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    So Aizen needs ichie too "grow" :o

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    The new spoilers are actually even more awesome. This cannot be anything but a crap chapter. I hope the Quincy will show up still.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LeaT View Post
    The new spoilers are actually even more awesome. This cannot be anything but a crap chapter. I hope the Quincy will show up still.
    As good as this chapter looks, nothing, I mean nothing is gonna beat Naruto's chapter this week.

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