View Poll Results: How many more unimportant (non-Espada) fights?

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  • None. They only going to be Espada fights now.

    3 14.29%
  • One. Tesla might need a warm up.

    4 19.05%
  • Two or Three. More Aizen made Arrancar will rumble.

    9 42.86%
  • Four Plus. They will drag this thing on forever...

    5 23.81%
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    Weirdest Fangirl Ever streetbum's Avatar
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    Because Wonderwice hasn't brought in a unimportant fight yet......since well...he kinda hasn't fought yet, unless you consider a single Bara then going off to play with a dragonfly a fight.

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    The Patriot Kendoki's Avatar
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    I don't think Wonderwice is going to have a big fight or anything.

    But I want to see more of his zanpakuto. The big claymore thing.

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    The End All DonMegaPLP's Avatar
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    how many more whinning threads are we going to post? lets have some patience and let the man tell his story, or you know you can just stop reading it.

    who to say any fight we've seen so far is "unimportant"? what's been a waste of time? i'll admit that Grimmjow fight was a bit too long, but nothings happened that didnt matter to the story (except those annoying little Hollows following Renji and Ishida around...). all this boils down to is everyones inability to take in a story.

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