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    ^ agreed, his progress rate compared to many of the others seems much faster, and thus this may or may not mean he has loads more untapped potential. His bankai is still in its incomplete stage, so there may be a final form/attack he has yet to discover.

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    Hitsu isn't all that strong, but he's kinda like Ichigo. Grows faster than others. He's decent now, and will become stronger. Though I can't help but making fun of mr. bankai. You seriously need to stop posting. "in like 10 year from his current state he would have more reiatsu then captain yamamoto" liek wtf man. l2p.

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    We see him grow so much because he's the only captain we actuallly get to see!

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    he is iverrated and his bankai level is weak too i dont think he can get stronger than the bankai level and he is annoying little midget

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    I thought I might have underestimated him back when Aizen haded him his own ass on a plate. But later when he fought 10th and said on his own that without the limit he still could do no damage I figured he really is average. Mind you, and average captain, not shinigami.
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    If he's the strongest captain (or even among the strongest), then everyone is screwed.

    Hitsugaya is strong, yeah . . . as long as you don't bring Arrancar up. He's gotten his ass kicked by the Arrancar, including barely being able to defeat a non-Espada level Arrancar and only being able to defeat Luppi with help from the others. If he's one of the five strongest captains, then Soul Society might as well give up and kiss Aizen's hand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bankai View Post
    Hitsuguya will be the strongest shinigami ever, shinigami absord sprit particles i think hitsuguya absorbs them a lot faster then any other shinigami cause he is still little and has captain calls reiatsu ,, in like 10 year from his current state he would have more reiatsu then captain yamamoto,,,making him the strongest captain at the age of 25
    Shinigami don't absorb spirit particles. Their made out of spirit particles. They'd just absorb themselves and kill themselves, which is just stupid.

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    I always wondered why Toushiro Hitsugaya decided to join the Shinigami Academy...Anyways i think Hitsugaya is pretty weak right now (due to his incomplete bankai and lack of experience) but i still think he is cool and has potential. Kubo Tite did not have Gin say how hitsugaya is some type of Guardian Angel or w.e that comes every 1000 years for no reason

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    psh, I don't count that at all, especially with them involving the Bounto arc. Unless you post a manga screen shot I won't believe you.

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