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    Quote Originally Posted by joshecalpoly View Post
    There is also the argument Ichigo has yet to look as strong as he did in the SS arc. Even though he has obviously gotten stronger it has been argued in SS he just looked like he was beyond the reach of Kenpachi by the end and now he looks weak in comparison. Personally I dont care but it is yet another complaint of the average Bleach reader.
    Of course, this is a valid point as well. Kubo managed to balance his enemies poorly, as shown with the constant arguing over whether Ulquiorra would have a higher espada rank than 4 (no please, if you want to discuss that do it somewhere else).
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    So anyone get the feeling the captains from Hueco Mundo are going to appear back in soul society? I mean someones got to save ichigo's friends and I doubt the fact that Aizen can see his friends means he will get there in time. Though honestly I dont see anyone being able to take Aizen out of those. Just a thought but I could see unohana healing the captains and such in the false town while the other three go and "play" with aizen for a bit before ichigo comes and whacks him once or twice with final getsuga tensho.

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    Maybe this final attack could cause harm to the user. It would make sense that Zengetsu does not want Ichigo to harm himself by using this attack.

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    Good chapter, the way Isshin made it seem like the technique was all secret and forbidden was interesting. All in all the chapter felt like it went by fast, but the way Aizen just walked down the street and people dropped was epic.
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