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    For all of you who enjoy coming up with zanpakuto ideas or rping...

    Hey, I just ran across a really awesome place for Bleach fans, so I figured I would let you guys know. Its the shit. Pretty much, its a roleplaying system designed for bleach by fans with a bunch of people playing it any given time, with a whole lot of options and things. Instead of being like a normal d&d setup where you have to get together with certain people at a certain time and a dm just runs you through dungeons and things, you actually mostly get together with just normal players on a server at whatever time of day you like, and there appear to be people on at all times. You can be a shinigami, arrancar, quincy, or human with powers(like chad and orihime). The system is super customimizable, and they are even adding fully customizable shikai/bankai stuff. Anything you want. Also even though its mostly with other players, there are dm's to make sure that people dont cheat, and to run the occasional event with everyone online at the time (like massive hollow attacks, rogue shinigami, and that kinda stuff). I spent about a week there, and its been a blast. It has everything from just normal roleplaying to rules for actual fighting.

    All you gotta do is go download this openrpg program ( , the Traipse version works best for me) and then join the server that says Bleach PW. Then just get on, tell the people there that you are new and want to start playing, and they should hook you up. Most of them are really stand up guys and girls, so you should have no problem getting started and fitting in. :3

    Also, some people with windows 7 told me they couldn't see servers in the server window of the openrpg program. I had them try what this link suggested and it worked well:

    Edit: Whoops, apparently the Traipse version link is down. Here is the source download

    Its the
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    So how does a game help with theories?

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    Because the more spyware and viruses you accumulate the more you go crazy leading to a lot of alone time and a lot of thinking, hence theory-ville
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    Quote Originally Posted by kanna-chan View Post
    Most of them are really stand up guys and girls,
    That's how I know this is bullshit. Girls do not like Bleach.

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    Or the internet.

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    i can run a virus check on if you like, and you can google openrpg to know how long its been around if you don't believe me. I just really enjoy the bleach world, coming up with ideas for characters and stuff, and actually using them. I thought I would let you guys know so that if you enjoy things like this, you could play too. if you don't, its no loss to me, other than having one less person to see online.

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    so who wants to be the test dummy to see if this works?

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