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    uk baby yeh!
    the tobi obito theiory had to may holes in it earlyer on in the sieries to holed up to anything but from what weve seen in the bast few months it could be posible for obitos body to be used but the fact is obito died in gaiden but that is about the same time that mandara was supost to have used the kyyubi on konoha so maybe it fills in some holes as to why mandara isnt dead why obitos body is alive and how mandara summoned the kyyubbi, maybe the sharingan is tied into the whole thing and mandara just needed a vessel to seek his revenge.

    my theorie on why he didnt return sooner is just simply that obito was crushed his sharingan couldnt have survived and no hunternin was shown disposing f him so maybe the fourth overlooked this due to that damage and mandara somehow retrived or enterd his body to claim the sharingan and maybe the whole itachi killing his cn was a test of his sharingans power wich mandara is intrested in to see if he if he was a sutable host or what ever for mandaras power.(obito was weak so he wouldnt have had asmuch skill as an uchiha as say itachi and the clans founder)but now as we see tobis interested in sasuke and itachi wants to tell sasuke something more important that capturing the ninetails.
    hmm i wonder what obitos doing right now.... decomposing and smelling up the joint i gess coz hes dead!!

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    Maybe when he was defeated by the First Hokage, Uchiha Madara had summon the bijuu and now to regenerate his strength he need to collect the biiju again.

    If Tobi is not Uchiha Madara an he was dead, then what use to show the picture of Uchiha Madara on chapter 370?

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    What would you guys do if the Manga eventually reveals that Tobi = Madara (in Obito's body)?

    Come on, this is Sci-Fi/Comics, ANYTHING can happen. The suggestion that Tobi=Madara in Obito is not at all beyond the realm of possibilities in the Naruto Universe.

    IF Madara were indeed using Obito's body, he would have had to regenerate/repair the WHOLE right side of the body. That WOULD also include the right Sharingan too. This concept is not outrageous at all.

    While I am prepared to accept that TOBI might not be OBITO/Madara in the end, you guys should also be prepared to accept the possiblity that he is.

    Just remember how much some CROW folks had to eat when we finally discovered that Naruto really is the Fourth's Son, after vehemently discounting the very notion.

    I say that Tobi=Madara/Obito = POSSIBLE/PROBALBLE
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    i still strongly think there's something behind the whole tobi's mask showing only one right sharingan eye thing. that's the only thing that keeps me thinking tobi = obito cos obito only has one sharingan left if he survived.

    wait, that would make things super cool because if tobi = madara= obito,

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    First off there's too much information missing to assume Obito = Tobi. We are not sure if Obito even survived after that boulder fell on his face. So far there's no connection only the assumption because he was the only important character that was a Uchiha.

    After much thought I came up with this theory about Tobi's intention and how it connects to Uchiha Madara. This info can be backed up when Jiraya brings up the occurrence of the 9 tailed demon fox being summoned whatever years ago and the person who was capable of summoning the strongest tailed beast was Uchiha Madara. I'm guessing that Madara/Tobi was behind that whole scheme of controlling all the tailed beast with the intention of taking over the world. Because that plan failed due to the 4th hokage's heroic action Madara/Tobi's plan failed. This was probably what the 4th hokage had forseen and to prevent what might happen in the future he seals half of the demon fox's power into Naruto. The organization Akatsuki under Madara/Tobi is trying to complete what he failed to do. As of now I don't have a guess as of who Tobi is but I'm sure he was behind the summoning of the 9 tailed fox.

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    the kyuubi was summoned by madara atleast once, according to jiraiya....or atleast he could summon the kyuubi

    and im sure he somewhat controlled the kyuubi the way sasuke controlled manda-panda

    and i agree with the flash in that pein might be taking part/over madara's objective for him, and teaming up to summon/control them

    also for some reason i think the true reason/evolution of the sharingan will be revealed being linked with the bijuu

    also because its not in the anime doesnt mean jack crap....kishimoto cares nothing of the anime and has no real part in it
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