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    if sasuke can summon manda and use his sharingan to control him then if madara was more powerful then he could of summoned the nine tails,,, how else could the nine tails know about madara


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    1) Madara Could still be alive today if:-

    a) He had some immortality or extereme longevity jutsu, or
    b) During combat with the 1st Madara escaped into another dimension using the MS., or,
    c) ....(a)=TRUE..AND...The 1st rather than killing him, sealed him away, and now he somehow escaped.

    2) Tobi could be Obito if:

    a) Obito did not actually die and was only presumed dead.
    b) Somebody, like Orochimaru for instance used a ressurection jutsu to revive Obito, in order to use him as a vessel for Madara's spirit, ( resurecting Madara directly would have been simpler, unless if his spirit could not be reunited with the body).

    3) Tobi=Obito=Madara if:

    1(b) or 1(c) +2(b) = TRUE

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    that is somewhat true,but the most logical answer is tobi is madara
    plus there is no proof telling us Madara is dead and he was one of the founders of Konoha.
    From everything I've seen so far, I strongly believe that Madara pulled off a stunt of Orochimaru's, and transferred his soul into Obito's reconstructed remains. We don't know whether he did it recently or if he never died to begin with, but his physical traits... the single sharingan eye located where Obito still had one after giving the other to Kakashi, the bolts in Tobi's body that he would need if he was a half-crushed zombie, the hair... matching them together with him having Madara's soul, it's fairly clear who and what Tobi is. I don't see any reason why Madara would half-blind himself on purpose with his mask either... it would leave him at a disadvantage for depth perception.

    EDIT : lawl, me and above-guy were apparently thinking the same thing.
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    Holy shit people have to stop posting that theory here.

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    wait madara can make lightning happen or sumthing or along those lines i read from other theories. yea? does that mean he did that lightning thing during the lil chat tobi had with pain?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharingan360 View Post
    madara is tobi- tobi is madara what is so hard about that
    stop saying tobi is mardara for christ sakes your just stating the most suspected idea without facts, plus the chapter where tobi returns to appear as the mastermind, he mentions the sharigan power and madara power's is more of a list power he will obtain than what he has already

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    on tobi is madara
    what he said was kono uchiha madara, which literally translates to this uchiha madara
    but when hanzou introduced himself he said, kono hanzou,
    its a common way to introduce ones self especially if you have a large ego

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    you got me what I always wanted \o/
    you're now my favorite person.
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    And maybe some connections with "Root".


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    if anyone was the descendants of madara it would be sasuke and itachi.........they kinda look like him

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