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    confirm my theories please?

    sorry for the long thread this is many theories i don't feel like creating a new thred for each one so all in all PLEASE NOT STUPID ANSWERS!!!

    if uchiha madra summoned the nine tails why would his group try to hunt them down?
    okay first of all to say this is one AWESOME CHAPTER!!!, okay my theories, if naruto only had half the kyubbi chakra then the kyubbi must be more powerfull than we thought,
    (2nd what is naruto's key can someone explain further,
    (3rd whats is with jiraya stamping the the release order,
    (4th if the key is what unlocks the kyubbi completley why would the 4th want naruto to have it in later life,
    (5th what is the jutsu that the 4th hopes one day naruto completes am sure it is not just mastering to control the kyubbi chakra,
    (6th what do you guys think the 4th knew that was important enough to entrust the nine tails to his own son,
    (7th why would uchiha madara summon the kyubbi to trash konoha,
    (8th doesn't it seem weird that the 1st and madara fought at valley of the end like sasuke and naruto could it possibly be that both were close friend before if so why do you guys think they fought,
    (9th why is there a statue of madara at valley of the ends, or is there a possibility madara help build konoha, and the 1st must be one badass to kick madara's but that must have been one epic battle.
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