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    Madara and 1st Hokage's History

    So got any theories on what happened to these two in the past? Here's my theory:

    So these two were originally part of a ninja team, and they were the perfect team, once being able to summon a bijuu, while the other can control a bijuu. Just that alone will bring fear everywhere. And these two created Konoha, and both where evil.
    But somewhere along the line, the 1st Hokage discovered the true meaning to being a shinobi, protecting your loved ones. And Madara realized that the 1st was stupid and wanted to bring him back to the evil side. Madara also wanted to use Konoha as a base to take over the world but the 1st would not allow it so they fight. The winner gets the title as leader of Konoha, and the 1st wins and became the 1st Hokage while Madara was sent into exile.
    During his time in exile he trained and trained until he was strong enough to summon the strongest bijuu of them all, the nine tailed. When he had finally recovered his strenght and completed his plan to destroy konoha for exiling him, he sent the nine tail but was stopped by the 4th hokage. Madara realized that he wasn't strong enough to take out Konoha by himself so he created Akatsuki and appointed Pein as its leader. Madara's plan was to gather the wild bijuu's that he and the 1st had summoned in the past and bring them all under his control, hoping to be enough to destroy Konoha for good.

    So what do you guys think of my theory? lol
    If you have any theories of your own please share!!

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    I think Madara survived all this time...

    and since he was this evil dude and the founder of the Uchiha clan, he didn't like how they were coexisting with Konoha

    Thus, his order for Itachi to kill everyone.

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    i kinda of have a problem with the 1st and madara, they say that the uchiha clan came from the hyuga clan,,,where that alot of different clan just scattered around until the st
    decided to make a village and call it the leaf village,, And how old it uchiha madara i would say he is about 150 years old


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    about that bankai, here's what I think happened. So Madara and the 1st, went around gathering strong shinobis to act as the "original akatsuki". But after their disagreement and the 1st' defeat of Madara, Konoha became a normal village instead of a mercenary village that it was originally intended

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