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    Cool Manga Archiver v1.2.1

    These scripts were created to help automate the task of building of an archive composed of the various manga available from online readers.


    Currently, Manga Archiver v1.2.1 Supports the Following sites:

    I will add support for additional sites in the future, should there be demand & time permits.
    This should work for any Chapter of any Manga by any Group on Supported websites.

    1. Download the package & unzip it somewhere.
    2. Navigate to the config directory & open any of the available *SiteNameHere*.ini files in notepad.
    3. Alter the configuration to your liking & save the file.
    4. To initiate the archiving process, double-click the corresponding *SiteNameHere*.cmd file in the main directory.
    5. If you have any questions or problems, post them in this thread.

    • Previously downloaded chapters will be skipped to avoid unnecessary network transfer.
    • There should only be One instance of the Script running at any given time. PHP does not natively provide multi-threading functionality & although I could (& have in the past) hacked up a multi-process (pseudo-forking) implementation, to download chapters in parallel - I didn't, specifically because it would unnecessarily hammer their media servers.
    • Take notice of the fact that the Script will occasionally end prematurely. This is usually due to a timeout on the Servers end. When this happens, you will generally end up with an incomplete number of pages for whichever Chapter it was processing. After this occurrence, simply delete the Chapter's folder and restart the Script, it will re-download that Chapter and continue on with the others.

    • Q: What is a .cmd file & what does it do?
    • A: Like a .bat file, it's used by Microsoft Windows to execute various tasks on the command line.
      In this case, 'php.exe' is invoked, which then compiles the various .php files into bytecode and executes them.

    • Q: Does any of this contain a virus?
    • A: No. This is clearly evident, should you view the source code provided yourself (both the .php & .cmd file); the PHP distribution included is from If you're still not convinced, feel free to have any of the files scanned @

    v1.0.0 (7/8/2010) - Initial "Multi-Site" Release.
    v1.1.0 (7/12/2010) - Configuration overhaul, switched to .ini files.
    v1.2.0 (7/22/2010) - Added OneManga as well as a Configuration Generator.
    v1.2.1 (7/22/2010) - Added Console Window Opener.
    v1.3.0 (7/24/2010) - Added MangaFox & Config Generator How-To Video & Readme.
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