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Does nobody think it's odd that Nel went from babe to little girl and then back to babe?

Noitora said that he hit her and knocked her into Los Noches when she was a babe. Ichigo found her as a little girl. Then, she turns from little girl to babe to save Ichigo.

From all my experience, I can safely say that hitting someone, no matter how hard the hit is, will not make them turn into a little kid. There's something important there.
Well, it's the same when Yoruichi was a cat. Nobody knows why she turned into a cat and stayed in that form and suddenly changed back and stabilised as a Human again... Kubo just left it there like a gaping hole.

I think it has something to do with Ichigo's excessive spiritual essence "flowing into them"... (yea I'm a perv) but who cares! BOOBIES ARE LOVE!!!