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    Or we will see Noitora's form, and later on he'll be killed by Nell...

    Or we will not see his form, and Ulquiorra (mayB another Espada) will interfere

    (btw, shouldn't those Exequitas or whatever come to clean up grimmjow? he's in an even worste state than that Privaron was that fought Ichigo, guess they are scared )

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    Message from the Blacknoah:

    In the end, no matter how long this'll take, only one fact can be assured: Nnoitora = PWNED
    Repeat this after me: I will never take on a god AGAIN! -Omega Rugal KOF '98

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    we will see noitora's released form, but it will be in vain nell will still win...then Ulquoirra finally after 12312321 (30 mins lol ?) escapes from the prison in which grimmjow placed him but by then ichigo and the rest will be gone

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    Quote Originally Posted by catho View Post
    hmmm I say Nell owns Noitora for about another 2 chapters. Ulquoirra won't show up yet, grimm said he would be gone forlike 3 hours. ? O.o I want to see Ishida and Renji again!!
    Gone for 40 minutes to an hour. Which most of it seems to have passed so......

    I refuse to believe that Noitora will get killed soon, he is still 5 so I'm sure he might do other stuff rather then get messed up by a cero and release. Or Tesla might take a critical blow for him since Tesla seems to be willing to throw himself in front of attacks for Noitora.

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    When i see the #3 tattoo on her back i only can say :WTF

    But think about it there are other female Espada:Helibel, are there some connection between Nel and Helibel, maybe Helibel is Nel ex-minion because Helibel's minions is an all female squad. Maybe in the past Nel was their leader :p

    Sigh Ichigo sure is a lucky bastard, he got new babe with big boobies again....

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    big boobies and a third hole

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    Yeah, I don't think Noitora's gonna die for a while.

    and it's pretty much a rule that a character can't die until we find out their release, and a bit about them. >:3

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaggyjebus View Post
    Does nobody think it's odd that Nel went from babe to little girl and then back to babe?

    Noitora said that he hit her and knocked her into Los Noches when she was a babe. Ichigo found her as a little girl. Then, she turns from little girl to babe to save Ichigo.

    From all my experience, I can safely say that hitting someone, no matter how hard the hit is, will not make them turn into a little kid. There's something important there.

    Theory time: Nel was Espada #3, and Noitora was jealous. He hit her with everything her had when she was vulnerable, and she went quite a distance or whatever. They replaced her in the Espada and didn't remove her tattoo because a) they figured she was dead or b) they didn't want to bother going and looking for her to remove the tattoo or c) they say that she was a little girl and figured she wouldn't change back.
    No Nnoitora didn't say she was a kid when he hit her in the back of the head. He clearly said he recognized her hollow mask and scar. Perhaps thats why Grimmjow and Ulloqiora didn't recognize her at first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoLifeKing1331 View Post
    Im gonna throw it out for a few chapters (with a little wishful thinking)
    Noitora releases gets owned by Nell (who does not release)
    Nel scares the piss out of Tesla who runs like a little bitch
    Nel suggests that the group jets to somewhere safe before Uli comes back
    Ichi feels bad for leaving GJ all jacked so they take him along
    get a little healing in
    New UBER group show up just as Renji and Ishida own #8
    then they run off to find Chad and Rukia...and whish them back to life with the seven magic dragonballs......oops

    anyway...hopefully down the road Nell will teach Ichi some new hollow tricks(hold mask longer, cero, or even "release" his hollow form)
    From there is pretty open....I think we are due some downtime with the bare knuckles action we've had for so long. Time to regroup and get some of the other bleach characters invovled.
    Nah I think that Pesshe and Don are gonna take off their masks. They were probably Nells subordinates when she was still an espada. Thats why they are concerned for her well being. They refer to her as Nell-sama instead of just Nell. They also know her true reiatsu. I think after Nell rapes Nnoitora we get to see Pesshe and Don kick some ass.

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    i think about 7 seconds of reading then the chapter is over ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,WEAK


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