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    nel rescues inoue.... inoue's gonna heal ichigo while nel fights...then he's gonna join da battle..

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    I seriously doubt Noitora was just killed/harmed from just one cero attack.

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    ya if #4 could block a vizard ichig Tetsugatecho attack with one hand I think #5 could block a cero...
    be pretty cool if nell and Grimjaw join the shimigami side cause if they both dont leave hueco mundo, they are gonna be killed. but we know that is not gonna happen.. probably nel would die cause usually character that are this cool and strong die cause the main characters would lose the "strongest" place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldChemist View Post
    My theory is that Nnoitora might not have a release. Nnoitora is a lot like Zaraki in attitude except that Nnoitora likes to do cheap shots while Zaraki doesn't. Since Zaraki didn't have a release, what if Nnoitora doesn't have a release?

    If Nnoitora doesn't have a release he'll definitely die next chapter as Nell is just too strong.
    he has to have a release because an arrancar's zampakuto is its sealed original form. If he didn't have released form then he wouldn't have a zampakuto.

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    I agree with NoLifeKing1331. The fight with Nell/Noitora will drag out for two chapters and Nell wins. The Inoue heals Ichigo. Nell senses the Ishida and Renji are in trouble and the gang goes to rescue them.

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    I think everyone is missing the point Kubo-san is making in this chapter:

    You need to be a kind hearted, loud mouth, macho-man to attract all the babes, and then you can be the main character in a manga. If you blah blah blah too much and analyze stuff all the time, you'll just be the four eyes Ishida.


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    ... I see Nell's boobies... i feel slightly pedo... but who cares!.. Sadly and luckily, Kubo had to make Ichigo the blur hero of the story... if not, a Harem is inevitable.

    I do wonder though... was it really Nnoitra that gave Nell her scar? I mean he could barely TOUCH her...

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    he probably backstabbed nell when she was sleeping or something, no way he could've touched her lol.. given his "cheap shots" attitude its could've been just that.

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    Does nobody think it's odd that Nel went from babe to little girl and then back to babe?

    Noitora said that he hit her and knocked her into Los Noches when she was a babe. Ichigo found her as a little girl. Then, she turns from little girl to babe to save Ichigo.

    From all my experience, I can safely say that hitting someone, no matter how hard the hit is, will not make them turn into a little kid. There's something important there.

    Theory time: Nel was Espada #3, and Noitora was jealous. He hit her with everything her had when she was vulnerable, and she went quite a distance or whatever. They replaced her in the Espada and didn't remove her tattoo because a) they figured she was dead or b) they didn't want to bother going and looking for her to remove the tattoo or c) they say that she was a little girl and figured she wouldn't change back.
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    yeah we know hes a puss. he doesnt mind attacking people wit cheap shots or starting a fight when someones weak. he probally just nailed her from behind. now shes gonna kick his ass

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