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    Am I the only one dissapointed that the whole chapter didn't have more than 8 sentences? I'd be really happy if they could shed some like on Nell's past in the next chapter.

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    That was totally awesome! Yeah, I think Nel is #3 though. The other former espadas never had a chance against a current espada so she'd have to be one of the "new batch" of espadas created by Aizen.

    The only reason why Noitora won against her is because of his slimy sneak attack. He seems to like attacking people when their guard is down.

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    hmmm..i do agree that noitora might have won the other time because of his sneak back attack^ well...nel's really georgeous..and she's really different from the other espada girl..i wonder if that other girl is number 2 or 1...
    "thy will be done"

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    Quote Originally Posted by sexypancake View Post
    wow! this was such a great chapter. i know we've all established by now that Nell is #3 and that she's totally pwnage, and some ppl even thought that this was TOO convientant, but hell you guys, it's about time.

    seriously, i really really think something like this was needed. even tho ichigo's like a super human shinigami, he's still getting his butt kicked. and excluding nell, they really had no hope of defeating the espadas. so really, Nell's arrival was extremely necessary because the shinigami team needs a strong ex-espada as their ally so that they could even stand a fighting chance.

    oh, and where the hell is Uliqqoura??(<--i know, incorrect sp) he's been gone forever! hasn't it been a couple hours yet? lol.
    i totally agree. i hope this fight is really over now.
    but i guess noitora released and blocked/weakend the attack.

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    There has to be something wrong with Nel's powers. Something like: they were one's worth a number 3 but not anymore, or she will be losing them in the future, or she will transform back.

    If her powers are worth a real number 3, she could beat up Ulquiorra when he pops up after she finished Noitra and it would be a little bit weird if she could eliminate 2 espada at once imo

    Btw you know Kubos style: this fight will last for at least 6 chapters...Noitra didn't even transform into his final form and Orihime hasn't cried yet. Lots of work to do.

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    I wonder what is Neriel's release form would be.

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    Holy Hell its Neil. Now it would be crazy if she turn on Ichigo. I do not see that happening but then again it is Bleach.

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    My theory is that Nnoitora might not have a release. Nnoitora is a lot like Zaraki in attitude except that Nnoitora likes to do cheap shots while Zaraki doesn't. Since Zaraki didn't have a release, what if Nnoitora doesn't have a release?

    If Nnoitora doesn't have a release he'll definitely die next chapter as Nell is just too strong.

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    hmmm I say Nell owns Noitora for about another 2 chapters. Ulquoirra won't show up yet, grimm said he would be gone forlike 3 hours. ? O.o I want to see Ishida and Renji again!!

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    dat was the quickest beat down eva!!! lol .... wonda if nel's stronger than Uliqqoura ...
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